Accessories for Fall / Winter

Accessories for Fall and WInter1. Straw Hat | 2. Sunglasses | 3. Black Hat (similar) | 4. Deer necklace | 5. Gold Beaded Necklace (similar)
6. Purse (similar) | 7. Leather Gloves | 8. Yellow Necklace (similar) | 9. Brown Hat | 10. Watch
11. Leopard Scarf | 12. Boot Socks | 13. Black Beaded Necklace (similar) | 14. Happy Necklace (similar)
15. Black Scarf | 16. Black Beanie | 18. Name Necklace (similar)

Two posts ago I laid out my final draft for my fall / winter wardrobe (aka my capsule) and I thought I would make a separate post listing the accessories that I have for these seasons. My accessories include jewellery, sunglasses, hats, scarves, a purse, gloves, and any extra things I may need for the weather which I will be using regularly. I have decided that I will probably use my Hunter Boots as my winter boots again this year worn with the sock liner since they worked well last year. I would really like to invest in a pair of Sorels but it isn’t urgent and these will work fine. We walk a lot in the winter and the rain boots seem to weather the slushy ground better than any winter boots I have used anyway so it is probably a better choice. I am hoping that the forecast is correct and we will have a milder winter this year than last because it was COLD last year.

I have been on a hat kick for the last two years and I have three that I wear regularly. I also have a thing for scarves. There was one point that I had around 20 different scarves hanging in my closet on one of those looped scarf hangers. I got rid of 95% of those when I purges my closet, although I would really like to get a grey knit infinity for winter. I don’t have a lot of purses and generally keep only one on rotation per season. I would like to invest in a nice leather one at some point but I will admit that this $40 bag from H&M owes me nothing. It has lasted for three years of almost daily use and still has a lot of life left in it.

I have also noticed that I seem like necklaces with words on it. I have a red one with my name that was a gift, and one that says HAPPY that was found at a thrift store. I also have a yellow beaded, triple strand vintage necklace from the 1940’s that I love but I don’t wear it very often. I usually wear a watch when I go out too even though my phone has a clock on it. I need to wear a watch for some reason, always have. In the product list above I had to use similar items for a few since many of my pieces are older or bought second-hand and are no longer available.

What are your favourite accessories for fall / winter?



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