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I love the ability to order things online. It can be expensively addictive if you are not careful but all in all it makes life more convenient. It also makes buying gifts for kids who have the tendency to attach themselves to your ass entirely possible. For example two weeks ago when the Disney store was having buy one get one for $1 on stuffed animals I had to be ninja stealthy. When we went to pay I told Merle to close her eyes, then I threw the stuffed cat I had hidden near the register to the cashier. This was obviously not his first time because he caught it and stuffed it in a bag before you could blink. He has skills.

Three items I ordered recently while online shopping arrived and I am excited that they are all what I visualized. It always sucks when you order something and then when it arrives you are disappointed. Because not only is it disheartening if you were depending on the item (like a gift for someone) but it is usually a huge pain in the ass to return it. Especially if the item was bought from the U.S. when you are from Canada.

The first item I received was the mason bag from Sole Society. I get to try it out when we go visit family for 7 days soon. I’ll update how much it holds. My visual estimate says it will hold everything I need which will be nice because I plan on using this as my carry-on when we travel.

The Madewell Kimono I ordered new off of Ebay, and it arrived Monday. I am glad I read the reviews and bought the x-small though. My options on Ebay were x-small and medium and I was going to go for the medium because of the way it looks on the Madewell model. I thought that it was going to be a tighter fitting top and figured better a bit too big than too small. After I read the reviews a lot of the customers noted how they wished they sized down and I can see why. It is cut a little larger than what the size is. I love it though and can see this being a staple in my fall wardrobe.

The third item to arrive (today actually) was the poncho. The cut and vibrant colour of it matches the photos. I am pleased with this purchase and the quality, it is thicker than I thought it was going to be which is nice. I’m fairly certain that our concierge hates us because of all the packages that we get. The poor guys have to accept them for us, put a notification in our mailbox and store it until we pick it up. It is kind of embarrassing and I hope there is at least one other person in this building that gets more stuff than us.

Also, my fall/winter fall wardrobe list is coming together and should be ready for the start of September.

*Excuse the photos. The lighting in my condo is kind of darker for 90% of the day so pictures never come out the quality that I am hoping for. Good lighting is a must in our next home.



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