The Girls Room via Ikea

The Girls Room Ikea

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A few years ago I told Tom that when we got out tax return back we were going to redecorate the girls’ room. At that point their room was a miss-mash of things we have bought over the years, old ugly pieces of furniture (some from my college apartment), and crappy bedding. It didn’t look like a room that I had envisioned for the kids and it was upsetting that we couldn’t afford to get them better. I have always been amazed at how some people can seemingly afford to do and have nice things all the time without batting an eyelash. Maybe it’s because we have struggled financially our entire adult life and have never grown a savings. Or maybe it’s just the whole have and have-nots thing. I don’t know. It just seems that while were are financially making more than we ever have we still seem to struggle to afford things. Even our October Disney trip may have to wait due to unpredictable finances and it being too close to the holiday season. It feels more and more every year like travelling is just for the rich.

Back to the tax return circa 2013 we went to Ikea to refurnish their bedroom. I went online and made a wish list for everything that I would like to get them for their room. That previous Christmas they both got new Ikea duvet sets so they were set in the bedding department but everything else was important. Beds, curtains, night table, lamps, pillows, desk, chair, a carpet, and I am sure a few smaller things. Their original beds were the Minnen. I loved those beds and unfortunately we couldn’t bring them here when we moved because their room was too small for two separate beds. We ended up getting the Kura bunk to replace them. Roo is on the top and Merle at the bottom. The top has a tent you can buy for it but we had to remove it since apparently something was going to sneak up and get Roo in the middle of the night because she couldn’t see with it on. I still miss the Minnens though 🙁 They had the look I was going for. It would be nice to have some under bed storage too.

I posted links to as many items as I could still find online. Some of it is sold out because I bought them several years ago and some of them I was able to link this years similar item. I like that we were able to entirely redo their whole room from scratch for under $1000. In our current place the wall colour is a light brown shade. Kind of dark for a small home and I would really like to be able to paint it white but we don’t have permission at the moment. A must in our future home is white walls. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out though. It incorporates a lot of colour and shows off each of their personalities. Maybe one day when it is actually clean I will get some pictures of how it turned out. When it is actually clean….ha! Yeah right.

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