Lions, and Tigers, and Swimsuits, Oh My

End of Summer Beach Buys

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Tis’ the season to find swimsuits for a great price. Even though August just began I noticed that stores are clearing out their summer stock to make room for fall and back to school fashion, so this is a good time to buy that swimsuit you might have wanted at the beginning of the season but couldn’t justify the cost. In the list above I pulled together a bunch of suits that I really like that are either on sale or priced really well.

Last summer I decided I wanted an Esther Williams one piece from Modcloth. It is very retro looking, and so flattering for any body type (it fits small as per the reviews so size up). It also gives the illusion of curves on the not so curvy individual. Ahem. Me. It was more than I wanted to pay but the reviews and buyer photos convinced me and I have had no regrets. Modcloth has a lot of suits in this style (in various prints and colours) marked down so you should go over and take a peek because their suits really are beautiful. I included several of their sale suits above.

Since summer is only half over (at least where I live), you will be able to get lot of use out of any new suits if you take advantage of the end of season markdowns. I like the idea of buying one or two on sale even just set aside for future use because you never know when you will need one and not be able to find any. A few years ago we took a kind of spontaneous trip in February and I had major issues finding a swimsuit (don’t even get me started on finding a kids swimsuit. It was almost impossible). I ended up getting an expensive suit in a style that wasn’t extremely flattering on me because my choices were severely limited. I have two good suits that I use in rotation now, the Modcloth one-piece that I mentioned above and a black bikini. I might look for a third to have as backup or to mix and match with the bikini since our building has an indoor pool and we use it often.

You should go take a look online or in your local stores because I guarantee the sale racks will be full of swimsuits for a great deal. Where is your favourite place to find a bathing suit?

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  1. I have #14 and LOVE it. It’s super flattering. The only thing that could be better is if it had a built in bra for bustier sizes.

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