Stockholm, Sweden Packing Light Outfit Options

Day Looks

10 Days in Stockholm Sweden Packing Light List Day Looks #packinglight #travellight #traveltips #travel

Black Tank | Grey Shirt | White T-shirt | Black Tunic | Kimono Shirt | Blue Tunic
Grey Pullover | Black Sweater | Leather Pants | Black Pants | Denim | Skirt
Black Dress | Grey Coat | Leather Jacket | Slip-ons | Boots | Flats | Necklace | Watch
Sunglasses | Scarf | Hat | Tights | Travel Bag | Clutch | Large Purse
*These links are for both the above Day look options and the below Night look Options

In my last post I made a packing light, packing list for 10 Days in Stockholm, Sweden. Above is the 10 day outfits options and below is 10 night outfit options, all using those pieces from the list.

As in any wardrobe there are a million different outfit combinations that can be made based on personal taste. What I think looks great may not be your idea of a good, casual, or night look so please just use these ideas as examples and a launching off point for what you can do with your own wardrobe.

I mentioned before that I wanted to go to Sweden for personal and historical reasons, but I also usually prefer more non-touristy types of attractions. It is a good idea to mix some of the lesser known places with the popular tourist destinations so that every place you go isn’t crammed with people. 

You never know what kind of great places you will find off the beaten path. It’s also a good idea to brush up on customs and etiquette of the country you are going to because you don’t want to seem like an ignorant tourist.

For example, did you know that Swedes answer their phones by stating their names? Saying “Hello” can be deemed impolite? It takes two minutes to Google “customs and etiquette for (whatever country)” and read up about it, it can save you some embarrassment if you do.

I found a list of 25 Off The Beaten Path destinations for Stockholm and then on Trip Advisor there is a list of the top Things to Do in Stockholm as voted by fellow travellers. It’s worth a look if you are headed that way because you never know what gems you may find.

Night Looks

10 Days in Stockholm Sweden Packing Light List Night Looks #packinglight #travellight #traveltips #travel

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  1. I do genuinely want to steal your entire wardrobe it’s so beautiful. Plus it suits Stockholm so well! I hope you enjoy the trip! Also I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, so good luck, I hope you do well! 🙂 <3

  2. Love these posts! Do you mind putting one together for 10 days in New Zealand in Spring? I’m having a hard time shopping for my honeymoon. It’ll be spring time there in the mountains when we go and the weather could be very unpredictable (norm is 60s during the day and 40s at night which is cold for me!).

    • Ahh, I totally missed your comment. Sorry. I will definitely do a 10 Days in New Zealand for spring. I will aim for it next 🙂 Are you going to be in a city or more of nature/adventure travel? What a beautiful place to honeymoon.

  3. I am totally LOVING this!!! I would love to see one for 10 days in Rome in winter!

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