Packing Light Purse Edition

What Purse to bring on Vacation

Europe/Big City Trip – Large Purse, Small Purse
Caribbean/Tropical/Beach – Large Purse, Small Purse
Weekend Getaway/Wedding – Large Purse, Small Purse
Skiing Vacation – Large Purse, Small Purse | Roadtrip – Large Purse, Small Purse
Cruise – Large Purse, Small Purse | Adventure/Nature – Backpack, Small Purse

I’m not a person who has a million expensive purses. I’m not even a person who has one expensive purse.  That’s doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like at least one though, it just means that I have never justified the cost so I have stuck with affordable. I also like a really big purse. I never bothered to carry a diaper bag when my kids were young, I just threw everything in my large purse and it did the job because I didn’t like the look of diaper bags in my price range.

So being a person who only has two large purses (and uses one much more than the other) my opinion on travelling and packing light is you only need two purses maximum. One to carry with you on the plane and for day time use, and a smaller one that can be used for lighter days or out for dinner. The smaller one can also be used to hold jewellery or toiletries in your carry-on to save space as well.

What kind of trip it is and where you are going will have different purse needs. Obviously if you are going to be hiking through a jungle you are not going to be needing an expensive designer clutch for fancy dinner out. A canvas backpack or crossbody will be more suited.

At the top is a list of seven different kids of trips/destinations and gave an example of what would be a suitable large purse and small purse to bring with you. Options vary by personal tastes and finances of course, but this can give you a general idea of what kind of purse/bag would work in each vacation scenario. I am also partial to cross body purses in areas of high tourist concentration to reduce the risk of purse theft or pick-pocketing.


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