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Time goes by so fast and life just seems to happen some weeks within a blink of an eye. Yesterday was my Birthday. I’m not a big celebrating birthdays type of person. Even the kids get small family orientated birthdays spending the day doing what they pick out. So yesterday kind of felt like any old other day except I bought a few things for me which I find hard to do. Any one else out there got to a store with the intention of buying yourself something nice and then end up spending the money on your kids instead?

Happy Birthday

My not super enthused to be aging face.

Carrot Cake from Wholefoods

A carrot Cake from Wholefoods. It should be good for you right? 😉

I decided that I wanted a pair of slip-on shoes for fall and thought that I would get some on my birthday. It was between the Vans Perforated Leather classic slip-on and a pair of Black Tom’s (I love their One for One Concept). I ended up ordering the Vans but I am still contemplating the Tom’s. It would have been easier to find the Tom’s because every place that I found the Vans either didn’t ship to Canada or would have come out ridiculously expensive because of the insane exchange rate right now. I ended up finding a pair online from the Toronto store Get Outside Shoes for the price I was looking for and they shipped for cheap too. I know, why get shipping when they are probably a 30 minute drive away? Because of Tom’s crazy work schedule and having no access to a vehicle all week it just made more sense. They arrived the next day.

Vans perforated Leather classic slip-ons

I also ended up ordering myself the Mason Travel Satchel from Sole Society after a lot of debating. I think it took me three weeks to decide on which colour I was going to get. I ended up going for the grey. It shipped yesterday and I hope it makes a pretty straightforward trip all the way from California so it gets here in a timely manner because I want to use it for when we go and visit my parents in a few weeks. I also bought a great blazer and black sweater for fall from H&M. They didn’t have the poncho that I was looking for, although Topshop had a similar one that made me look like someone threw a big blanket over me so maybe it was best that I bought the blazer instead. That’s the shitty thing about not being super tall, the pictures on websites trick you. What looks like a beautiful flowy poncho on a tall woman looks like a friggin swaddling blanket on me. (and I am not even exceptionally short at 5’3″, so I feel for you women that are shorter than me).

H&M purchases

Roo is really into Star Wars now so when the people at Build-a-Bear told us a few weeks ago that they were getting Star Wars themed dolls she was really excited. Last weekend Tom brought her in and they built a Chewbacca doll together while I stood off to the side consoling Merle who wanted a doll too even though she was cuddling her very own build-a-bear Alvin doll that is her favourite ever (known as I.T. Bone). She settled for a snuggly carrying pouch for him instead.

Chewbacca Build-a-Bear

Note: although she knows about the Chewbacca doll and went through the stuffing and heart ceremony he is in fact for Christmas (or her birthday which is a month before Christmas). I warned Tom that anything the kids focus on or want from now until December are potential Christmas presents so DO NOT BUY THEM NOTHING DAY GIFTS because I won’t have anything left to get.

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