Spring / Summer Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Round Up

Spring Summer Capsule Outfits

I am writing with a headache right now so bear with me if something seems incoherent. I will try to go over it when I feel better. I need a laptop so I can write in bed instead of the desktop. I would need a MacBook though because I am an Apple snob 😉 and I that is not in the realm of justified purchases at the moment so headache at the desktop it has to be.

I went through my outfit of the day posts and compiled a round-up of my capsule wardrobe outfits. I had to dig further to remember the outfits that I wore when I didn’t take a picture. Some days I was too busy and forgot to get a picture, other days we were in public and I felt to stupid to pose because honestly, I am really uncomfortable in front of a camera. I always have been. I also don’t think my 10-year-old is a fan when I say “take a picture of me” even though she wants to take a photography course.

A few posts back I mentioned the six items that I wore most and the six items that I could have omitted and these outfits should reflect that conclusion.  The final list was 27 outfits that I can remember wearing.* I didn’t have any really dressy occasions so I did not get a chance to put something fancier together. The fanciest I got was wearing the wedge booties since I tend to avoid heels. Several outfits I wore much more than one occasion, and I am certain there is room to make even more outfits if the weather would have cooperated and not have been so hot for a big chunk of it. Did you see that July this year was the hottest temperatures ever on record? That’s really scary.

If it is summer where you live was it unusually hot this year? And what was your ideal summer outfit?

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*If you are interested in where any of these pieces are from just go to the Capsule Wardrobe post.

Edit: My Year Long Capsule Wardrobe can be found in this post.


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