5 Days in New York City Packing List

*Since this post is 2+ years old and one of my most popular, I decided to update it. You can find the updated post here.

First off I apologize if this is rambling or doesn’t make much sense. I am tired. I slept terrible last night and I can really feel it today. Part of it was my fault and part was the kids. Tom was out of town helping his friend move this weekend which means both kids thought that my bed is a free for all and came barging in with their pillows and favourite toys.

Two wiggly sleepers who like to spread over the entire bed and fight (even in their sleep) were in my bed last night. Getting up and down 50 times to move them over to their side of the bed instead of limbs sprawled on me is not conducive to relaxing.

Then I was  having one of those “just one more page” reading moments until 4am. I hate when I do that but I am truly a night owl. It’s like my energy level and brain turn on around 9pm, I just wish that life catered to night owls.

Anyway, in one of my sleepless moments I was thinking about blog content. Then I was thinking about my friend who lives in New York City and wants us to come visit her, That evolved into what type of packing list I would need for a trip like that and I decided that I would try out a 5 Days in New York City list.

Five days is a common vacation time period so I wanted to show how you could pack light for five days with bringing minimal clothes. I put together 8 example outfits that you can make with the pieces below, with changing up the looks even more by alternating the jackets/cape on cooler days.

This is more of a fall temperate list but the same idea can be applied for different temps by swapping out coats for other pieces.

NYC is a huge city with a huge presence. Depending if you are going to be spending your time site seeing or venturing about like a local will also impact your clothing choices.

I opted for something a little dressier with casual elements, nothing too over the top or trying hard to be a New York fashionista (because that is not something that very many people can pull off unless you are in fact a NYC fashionista). Simple colour palette, interchanging pieces, and a couple of accessories all in a larger weekend bag and you should be good to go.

What are your must have items to bring on shorter trips?

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