10 Days in Stockholm, Sweden – Packing Light

10 Days in Stockholm Sweden Packing Light List #packinglight #travellight #traveltips #travel

Black Tank | Grey Shirt | White T-shirt | Black Tunic | Kimono Shirt | Blue Tunic
Grey Pullover | Black Sweater | Leather Pants | Black Pants | Denim | Skirt
Black Dress | Grey Coat | Leather Jacket | Slip-ons | Boots | Flats | Necklace | Watch
Sunglasses | Scarf | Hat | Tights | Travel Bag | Clutch | Large Purse

In a previous post I mentioned that I have Swedish ancestry. Or at least I have always believed I did and will not know until I take the jump and complete the Ancestry.ca DNA kit. Regardless of my ancestry, Sweden is always a place that I have been drawn too. Not just because I love Ikea and ABBA, which I do, very, very much. Seriously, ABBA Gold and the Momma Mia musical (and movie to a lesser degree) are some of my favourite things. I think that am drawn to it because the Swedish lifestyle appeals to me and the country looks absolutely beautiful. I would also love to learn Swedish but wish me luck on that since I am trudging through learning French as it is.

Stockholm has had a settlement since at least 1252 B.C. (based on historical records) and like most European cities it has a medieval part.  By now through earlier posts it should be clear that I am obsessed with the medieval time period. So one thing I would do for certain would be to venture down the winding streets and alley ways immersing myself in the history of the city. My travel and vacation appetite has more to do with history and culture and less to do with shopping and relaxation.

I thought I would do a 10 Days in Stockholm, Sweden packing light packing list. I am going to visit my parents for an end of summer family-fest and I won’t have a lot of time to finish it while I am there so I am trying to quickly put it together. The packing list is designed for more temperate and summer-like weather. I have included two coats, one lighter and more casual. But it could easily be omitted for different seasons. Swap a pair of pants for another skirt or dress, or trade the flats or slip-ons for a pair of heels for more dressier options. Remember, you would pick the heaviest items on this list to wear on the plane, that way you lighten your packing load. This is just a simple guideline to help you plan your list from what you already own. I will put together a 10 day to-night outfit options collage with using all the pieces from this packing list for my next post.

The outfit options for this list are found in this post.

Let me know what you think or if you have and suggestions for me.

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