What to Pack for 10 Days in Vienna, Austria



What to Pack for Vienna Austria #travellight #traveltips #packinglight #travel


Grey Tank | Black Sleeveless | Grey T-shirt | Print Blouse | Black Flowy Top
Grey PulloverBlack SweaterTan Sweater | Black Pants | Casual Denim
Dark Denim | Black Dress | Grey Dress  | Grey CoatKimono Jacket
Slip-ons | Boots | High Heels | Wool Hat | Multi-strand Necklace
Gold Necklace | Beanie | Earrings | Scarf | Watch | Sunglasses | Mason Travel Satchel
Coloured Clutch | Large Purse

Anyone that knows me knows of my obsession of history and my draw towards European countries. It has been that way for as long as I remember.  My favourite time period is the Middle Ages which may explain the overwhelming desire that I have to travel through Europe. If I could only travel to one area in the world for the rest of my life that would be it.

Not only is it my dream travel destination but I want to see much of it during the Christmas season because my favourite time of the year is the month of December. I love the weather, decorations, mood, everything that leads up to Christmas. It just seems so much happier and more pleasant at that time of year. It fascinates me how a continent that would fit into my country several times, has so many different cultural celebrations and traditions for Christmas in each country. I would love to experience it all. Cobblestones with a light dusting of snow, lights, decorations, traditions and food. The whole things sounds right up my alley.

This list is what to pack for 10 Days in Vienna, Austria during the colder months. This list made 10 casual day outfits and 10 dressier outfits for night with room to make more. It includes two jackets (one dressy) and several sweaters for layering. I probably could narrow it down more and cut out the grey tank, grey dress, or white printed blouse, and replace them with a black cardigan to still have a lot of variety. I like to have an extra piece or two in case of stains or damage (rips, tears) for back up though. I stuck with a very minimalistic colour scheme in this list using just black, white, and grey, with one neutral tan piece. The only items of brighter colour are the bags/purses. Below are 10 Casual day looks options and 10 dressier night look options. Mix and matching day and date options could give you even more outfit ideas.

I hope you find these lists helpful in guiding you towards your own packing ideas. Please drop me a line if you any suggestions for places that you would like to see.

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Day Looks

What to Pack for Vienna Austria  Day Looks #travellight #traveltips #packinglight #travel

Night Looks

What to Pack for Vienna Austria Night Looks #travellight #traveltips #packinglight #travel




  1. Love love love this capsule travel wardrobe. As in seriously ❤️❤️❤️. I’ve been to Austria (Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck) during Christmas (2015) and the Vienna Christkrindelmarkt is a sight to behold. Thoroughly recommend going at this time of the year!!

    • Thank you! The Christmas Markets are high on my bucket list. We planned on going this winter but work life got in the way 😉 I hope we can get there next year.

    • All the lists include the clothes you wear for the travel portion. The heaviest/bulkiest items are worn on the plane and the rest is packed. So the coat, boots, jeans, sweater, t-shirt, purse etc. are worn the rest is packed. Rolling your pieces or packing cubes work wonders.

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