Union Jack Chairs and Minecraft

1. Tom sent me a text from work today. The small town they are filming in has an antique store that he said I would love and this chair is out in front. He said they hand painted it and I wish I was that talented enough to pull it off. This chair is amazing and when he said it wasn’t for sale I was disappointed. Roo would die if we got this because her everything UK obsession would be on overload. Wouldn’t this look amazing in a living room? Even if it was just a show piece and no one could ever, ever sit in it in fear of ruining the amazing paint job.

Union Jack Chair

2. For some reason I woke up this morning with the song “fish don’t stink, under water the fish don’t stink” in my head. It makes me curious what the dream was a bout because by the time I blinked I had forgotten it. I could not for the life of me remember where it was from even though the words and tune were so familiar. So I booted up the computer to Google it and saw it was from Bobby’s World the early 90’s Saturday morning Cartoon. Remember when cartoons were only on Saturday mornings? I’m aging myself. Enjoy Fish Don’t Stink.

3. Tomorrow is my 11th wedding anniversary. To be honest I couldn’t remember if it was on the 9th, 10th, or 11th. I had to go back into my Facebook history and see when I posted my annual Happy Anniversary declaration to verify. I apparently have no concept of time but I’m sure Tom won’t remember either since he barely knows what day it is since they all blend in to one another now. One day we will get to take a nice vacation as a family to celebrate our life together where we could lose track of time making memories all over the world.

4. Minecraft. What more can I say? That one simple word evokes a lot of emotion in this house. Both kids are addicted, both kids fight like demons over it. Roo is enrolled in a Minecraft Homeschool course where she goes online with a zillion other homeschool students (not all homeschool student I am sure) to do weekly assignments and builds. It’s funny to watch her play with the Team Speak and hearing children’s voices from all over the world coming together with a united passion. It is a great course for a great price and I highly recommend it if you have child that loves Minecraft. They recently also added an iPad Pocket Edition version. It is in Beta now and while they are working out the kinks but she loves the portability of this option. I downloaded the pocket edition app on both iPads so both girls can play together. Apparently you can enter one another’s worlds via different iPads so I always hear them fighting when Merle decides that she is going to fuck around with Roo’s world.

An example of a fight:
Roo: I told you could sleep on my pullout, not fill my house with sponge!
Merle: hehehe
Roo: Mom! Merle is filling my house with lava now!
Merle: hehehe


Merle’s Minecraft Character

5. I have started to buy the girls books for this upcoming school year (we homeschool). I kind of was falling in to panic mode because I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to get for either kid. This time last year I was already prepared so I kind of feel a little lost. It will be Merle’s first year doing anything formal and I wasn’t sure what direction I was going with her. My first purchases for Roo were some History books. History is our favourite subject so it is always the most fun to plan. The books I needed weren’t available from Amazon.ca so I had to order them used from the U.S. and I hope there isn’t any delays in them arriving. The first purchase for Merle was a Melissa and Doug Daily Calendar. It is a magnetic board that we will use daily to learn dates, days, months, weather, season, holidays, and feelings. I had one that we used for Roo but I had to toss it when we moved. It was one of those poster board sets that teachers use on their bulletin boards and it had become very worn and damaged over the years. This one is wooden, magnetic and much more durable for my not so gentle kid. I love Melissa and Doug stuff, they are great quality. They also have a Magnetic Responsibility Chore Chart that I think might be a wise thing to start implementing.

Melissa and Doug

My Magnetic Daily Calendar by Melissa and Doug

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