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Black Dresses for fall

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Summer is technically almost half over now although the hot weather can carry in to mid October here before it turns into fall (which is usually very short).  Then before you know it, BAM. you wake up and there is snow on the ground. The first snowfall usually doesn’t last long but it definitely puts a kink in your ability to wear those summer dresses. Now the maxi dresses must go because they can drag in the snow and slush, and the shorter ones need to be able to transition to the colder months. You also have to make sure that they aren’t so short that your coat covers them entirely because it can make you look like you are naked underneath 😉

So bring forth the dress dilemma for fall. Unless you are from a place that does not experiences a cold season because then you can wear whatever you want all year.

I looked around online to find five dresses that will carry well into the colder seasons. I kept my list to basic black since they are a wardrobe staple. Especially if you are building a capsule or minimalistic wardrobe because they are easy to change around to get many looks out of one simple black dress. On the left below are the day looks, beside is the same dress transitioned in to night by making a few changes in shoes and accessories, and when the weather gets too cold just throw on a pair of tights or leggings. The key is to making the most out of your wardrobe with pieces you already have.

5 Black Dresses Outfits Day to Night

The links to the dresses are listed above. The following links are for the items used to get the day-to-night looks.

Leather Jacket | Kimono Jacket | Oversized Blazer | Grey Sweater | Black Sweater
Plaid Shirt | Boots | Tom’s Slip-ons | Floral Flats | Converse Sneakers | Heels
Hat | Scarf | Colour Necklace | Braided Necklace | Gold Leaf Necklace | Small Purse

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