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On one of my mommy boards there was a post of the ten most Sanctimonious mother Facebook posts (I believe compiled from the Sanctimommy Facebook page). The comments after it were a hilarious competition of everyone trying to outdo each other in a mocking sanctimonious way. Apparently many women’s children cry diamonds and shit rainbows. I was like, “I have you all beat. My daughter literally shit diamonds once.” Story in a nutshell: Tom was a goldsmith. His mom watched Roo at their work when she was little and I was also working. She got in to an area she shouldn’t have and ate diamond chips. The rest is left to your imagination. True story.

According to Pinterest people seem to like my packing lists I make. They also like my Capsule Wardrobe but I have only done one of those so you can’t really compare the numbers between the two. I’m glad that people like them and come over to see what other ones I have because I really enjoy making them. I think it gives me a kind of creative outlet for someone who doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, pastimes, creative pursuits, what-have-you. I have no musical talent, acting ability, or artistic talents. I can draw okay, but only if I am copying something. Tell me to draw from my imagination and you will end up with a blank page.I am a complete over thinker which a part of my problem, the other part is absolute anxiety I get if I have to do something in front of someone. I can’t even exercise in front of people so how could I ever take an acting class? Public speaking or performing of any kind makes me sweat profusely and do crazy gestures with my hands that I am neither aware of nor can I control them. But I do like to shop (which I am sure sounds shallow) but I really like to visualize outfits and wardrobes so if I can do that quietly from home and play around with Photoshop to make lists, outfits, and wardrobes that people may appreciate or find helpful in their own lives than I am happy.

Yesterday was my 11th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by sending each other texts and posting acknowledgements to one another on Facebook. Tom didn’t get home from work until 6:30 a.m. so we didn’t do anything for it. After 11 years I don’t feel we need to anyway. Acknowledging our appreciation of one another is enough. He worked and I spent the evening compiling this list. I didn’t make it with a specific place in mind. Some place temperate that allows for light layering. I was thinking maybe some place like Copenhagen. It’s on my bucket list, as both a place I want to visit and I would like to live. It always ranks as the number one happiest place in the world and I would love to experience it. My mom’s family is Danish so it is in my heritage anyway.

The packing list for these outfit options is in this post.


10 Day To Night Looks Copenhagen Packing List

I will compile these pieces into an actual packing list on the weekend. These are a list of 10 day and 10 night outfit options for a vacation. There are many more than 10 options but this is a good starting point.

White V-neck Tee | Feather Tank | Grey V-neck Tee | Pink Blouse | Bird Print Sweater | Grey Pullover |
Black Casual Pants | Black Skinny Pants | Jeans | Striped Skirt | Black Dress | Yellow Dress | Striped Dress
Blazer | Leather Jacket | Scarf | Hat | Watch | Sunglasses | Big Purse | Small Purse | Coloured Necklace
Tassle Necklace | Tom Slip-ons | Ankle Strap Flats | Sandals | Heels

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  1. I love this and was wondering if you have ever done a capsule for an all inclusive vacation at a resort in the Caribbean. I would be forever grateful if you had any ideas as to what one could pack for 2 weeks in a carryon.

    • I’ll totally look into doing that! I’m always looking for new ideas so thanks for the suggestion 🙂 . What I learned from travelling to a Caribbean location years ago is that you will need way less clothes than you think. I think I used 1/3 of what I packed.

  2. This is great. My only comment is I only wore heels once in Copenhagen because it’s fully of cobbles and all the locals were wearing flat boots in the evening – much more comfy

    • Totally. I’m not a heel person myself and would probably break my face in that situation. But a lot of people equate dressing up for the night with heels so I thought I would include them as an option. It’s easier to visually separate day looks from night that way in the pictures so people can get a better idea of what I am trying to show. If that makes sense 🙂

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