Canada Day Celebrations

Canada Day

It’s Canada Day today so Happy Canada Day to everyone that celebrates. We are lucky to live in an area that has activities for most occasions in the walkable proximity. Today across the street we have some big Canada Day Celebrations going on so we headed over around 2. The crowds were crazy but there were lots of things going on and I was excited for them to see the trampoline demonstration and the cirque trapeze show. Apparently jumping back and forth over the sewer drain is more exciting though so that is what Merle did while we watched the shows. Starting at 6 are several concerts and fireworks at 10. Unfortunately our balcony falls on the wrong side so we have to go out to actually see them.

Trapeze Show

Our mall was open today as well since it is actually only closed 3 days out of the year. After watching the shows we made our way over there because I  promised them a treat. We were going to get something at one of the many food trucks that were out today but I realized that I didn’t have more than $4 on me and that doesn’t get you very far with a food truck. Roo wanted Starbucks anyway and I am not one to pass up a  trip to Starbucks regardless of the ridiculous line.


No matter how many times a week we go to the mall the girls feel the need to go check out the toys at Walmart, Build-a-Bear, and The Disney Store. Because you know that you just might miss something that one day you don’t go in 😉 I will admit that The Disney Store had and really cool backpack though. Who doesn’t want a Chewbacca backpack? Especially one with a hood.

Chewbacca Backpack

Now we are home eating cheese and bean quesadillas while contemplating dessert. Well, two of us are eating them. The third is complaining that her food is touching and “do I want her to starve?” since she won’t eat it. She loves cheese, and she loves beans. I can’t see why there is an issue aside from the fact that she asked for a peanut-butter cookie for dinner and I said no. Life is hard when you are 4.



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