Building for a Fall Capsule and #OOTD 10

Outift of the Day 10 #ootd

OOTD 10 Outline

Grey Tank (under kimono) | Kimono Top (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Booties (similar) | Hat

We went to the mall this weekend because Roo’s iPad up and died on her. It wasn’t unexpected seeing she dropped it in the toilet (her fault for bringing it in there, but in her defence Merle kicked open the door and scared the shit out of her so she dropped it). I didn’t realize that they were totally not fixable though until the guy said the battery was completely dead and they can’t replace the battery but would issue us a replacement iPad for $220 since we were out of warranty. Nope, sorry.

She dropped it in the toilet months ago and we all held our breath for days after waiting for the inevitable. It didn’t happen though and I thought maybe for once we skated through something unscathed. I warned her to make sure that the battery never drained completely because we don’t want to risk the chance that it wouldn’t turn back on again if we let it die. So we made it through several months with no issues until last week when she brought it too me cradled in her arms looking like she might cry. “It won’t turn on.” she said all forlorn. I told her to give it to me and I would try plugging it in to the computer to see if it was just the cord. Three cords, and four wall jacks later I called it. “Sorry kiddo, it’s done.” She sighed and left the room.

I texted Tom to tell him and he replied that he had a phone call from his cell carrier earlier offering him a deal on an iPad that he passed up because we didn’t need one. He checked in to it and three days later she has another one. I know, I know, she sounds spoiled and to many I am sure she is in a first world kind of way. But also there are many things we can’t do and have been unable to do over the years because we couldn’t afford it. The iPad she broke, she saved for and bought herself. This new one cost us $0 with only a small increase in our data costs each month for two years. Doable.

So while we were at the mall I decided to look for pants because one of my favourite pairs of black jeans need to be retired. I was pulling them on over my ass with my fingers in the belt loops to hoist them up. One good tug and I heard a rip. I had ripped the belt loop right off and left and nice big hole. I have had them for 4 years and they are so worn that they look more grey than black, but I love them. They were a staple and need replacing so I went to look what was out there. I found a pair in H&M that I liked and they may do the job. They are a little higher rise than I usually get but they fit well and are comfortable. They are called “shaping jeans” and they are so tight that I had to go up two sizes. I think they are supposed to be like Spanx, but in jean form. They were $49.99 and I pick up a $12.95 white T-shirt as well. These two pieces I am using to start my Fall Capsule. I can’t afford to buy everything at once so I need to get things when I can. I have to do this for Christmas presents as well. There is 23 Fridays until Christmas (since Christmas is on a Friday I won’t count that one), so I need to get motivated. I made the girls start compiling their Christmas wish lists. The thought makes me cringe.

Fall Capsule

Fall Capsule Pieces 1

Grey Shaping Jeans | White Tee

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