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My birthday is the first week of August. When I was younger my birthday was always a sign that school was right around the corner which made me cringe. Now that I am getting older every year makes me cringe a bit more because I still feel like I did when I was in college minus the extreme hotness ūüėČ I do however think that people who say they feel their age mentally are full of shit. I think we are all faking it but some being better at it than others. I completely feel like I am winging this whole adult thing.

Tom says that I am hard to buy birthday gifts (or any other gifts) for because I never mention things that I want. Sometimes he says that he will see me point something out or look at¬†something at little longer than usual so he always keeps a mental list of things for future gift ideas. Some of my ideas are far-fetched and¬†not going to happen any time soon like an Ikea closet, a trip around the world, or even daily french lessons with a tutor but that doesn’t stop me from wanting¬†them.

Last year I told him that I wanted a watch or a fancy umbrella, and I ended up getting both. I have also come to the conclusion that my Love Language is Gifts. ¬†This year I had to mention a few things and send him direct links because he doesn’t have much spare time to put into thinking about it which is okay by me because that means I will probably end up with something I really want.

1. First and foremost I want the Mason Travel Satchel from Sole Society. I don’t know which colour because they just put black back on the website so I have to say I would like either grey, oxblood, or black.¬†I have looked for a carry-on suitcase for a long time and have finally found the one that I think might be “The One”. ¬†The reviews are great, and I think it will be a fantastic bag.

2. Urban Outfitters has some great vintage inspired band t’s and I’ve narrowed it down to The Grateful Dead or The Who. I always love to have a nice worked in bad t-shirt in my wardrobe.

3. A pair of Tom’s slip-ons are on my want list. I suck¬†at picking a colour because I tend to gravitate towards black but would like to add some colour to my wardrobe. I just know that if I do get a colour I will end up¬†wishing I got black anyway. That’s how I roll. So I will probably just get grey or black to save myself the hassle.

4. The most expensive and less realistic gift on my list is The Cuyana Cape. It is the perfect wardrobe staple to bring you in to fall. It comes in three colours: camel, grey, and black (I think I am partial to camel because it has a classic feel). What I do know is that I am totally in love with this cape. I have wanted one for a long time and when I came across this one it checked every box. Maybe I will win the lottery this week. I won $7 last week so I doubt it because my luck doesn’t let me win two weeks in a row ūüôĀ

5. The last thing on my list is a case of Ginger Beer, it is my new addiction. I love root beer but ginger beer is like spicy root beer with a kick. Walmart sells Island Soda Ginger Beer by Grace in their International Food section on the Caribbean shelf, and it is amazing. The first sip is great, the second burns, and the third makes you cough if you take too big of a swig.

6. I also mentioned to the kids that I would like to have Cinnabon’s stacked on a plate to look like a cake. Because who wouldn’t like that? I’m pretty sure that they agree with me on that one.


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