14 Day Caribbean Resort Packing List Part 2

This is Part 2 to the 14 Days at a Caribbean Resort packing list post. Sorry for the super long pictures in here if it takes forever to load. I needed to have them a certain size to give the best layout of outfit options for 14 days. This is to give a sense of how the clothes in the 14 Day Caribbean Resort Packing List can be worn.

Switch it up or omit things entirely, its point is to give you a general idea of what can wear so  you can fit it all in a carry-on. The carry-on that I want and that I am asking for, for my birthday (next month) is the Mason Travel Satchel by Sole Society. I dropped Tom a huge hint so we will see if he takes the bait. And by hint I mean a direct link to the bag with a text that says “I want this for my Birthday”;)

When I went to Barbados we spent our fair share of time on the beach as most do at tropical locations but my absolute favourite part of the trip didn’t involve the beach at all. We hired a taxi driver to drive us around the entire island (the island isn’t that big) and stop at various sites.

During this day we encountered a booze drinking monkey, walked through a huge Botanical Gardens, stood on the edge of the high cliffs and rugged coastline to view the breathtaking view on the east side of the island, and my absolute favourite part was visiting an old church and walking the grounds reading all the tombstone inscriptions. It fed my history loving soul.

That day was spent doing a lot of walking so I wore my canvas espadrilles, cargo shorts,and an airy shirt.  It’s funny how I can remember exactly what I wore that say but it’s because I literally dug through my entire ridiculously overpacked suitcase to find something suitable for spending the day walking. For some reason at that time I thought it made more sense to pack three sari bathing suit wraps instead of some comfortable walking shorts. Lessons learned.

This is when I also learned that the sun at the equator is actually stronger and affects you more when you are not accustomed to it so don’t forget a hat or two. Seriously, don’t forget. Also don’t forget an easy to slide-on shoe or sandal for ease with pool/beach wear because untying or unbuckling shoes when you just want to swim is a pain in the ass.

Third, make sure that you go out in to the city where the locals are. The best place we found to eat was a lunch counter where the locals went to get their food on work lunch breaks. Cheap and incredibly delicious with huge servings (enough to save in the fridge to snack on later).

Another important thing not to miss is to check out locally made goods. From tiny shops to tables set up on the beach some of the neatest things I saw were handmade goods. I bought a beautiful coral necklace as my trip gift to myself for a ridiculously good deal because they like to haggle with you. Much better than quickly finding something at the gift shop on your way back home.

Wanderlust: a strong longing or desire to travel the world.

And something that I have deep within my soul.

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  1. This is amazing! I’m preparing to go to Brazil next week and was feeling quite frazzled lol but this will give me some much needed guidance!

    • Ha! I feel frazzled from the moment I open my eyes so I understand 😉 I’m glad that this may help relieve some of that feeling. Have a great time in Brazil!

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