We Tried Out Nerd Block

We are self-proclaimed nerds in this house. Tom has loved the band Kiss since he was a child, and at one point our apartment (old one) had a glass display counter full of collectables, an entire wall with the 2 foot dolls, and a vintage Kiss pinball machine. When we hit the bottom of our financial struggles we had to sell most of it to pay bills. It made me sad since it was a collection that he built over a long time but the money from it helped us stay away from the food bank and kept a roof over our head for a period of time. He kept some of the key pieces that meant a lot to him but the loss of the pinball machine was a sad moment.

I am a book nerd. I would read all day if I could. I also like to take online courses and am trying to learn french. That is my area of nerd expertise. Roo is all about Nerdville. ComiCon is  her little slice of heaven. Doctor Who, Minecraft, Sherlock, anime…. She is also an obsessive YouTube channel watcher and wants her own channel at the moment like The Mommy and Gracie Show.

Merle just goes along for the ride. She obviously loves everything her sister does and dressed up as a Weeping Angel for both last Halloween and Comicon.  We ordered a box from Loot Crate last month and they enjoyed it, but we heard about Nerd Block recently and when I looked at it online it seemed like it would be a better fit. It offers kids size shirts and Jr. Nerd boxes for Merle’s age which is perfect since there wasn’t much in the Lootcrate box for her age. This month’s Classic Box was British Invasion themed so we had to order it since Roo is all about the United Kingdom. We ordered one Classic Box and one Jr. Nerd Girls’ box for Merle. They arrived super quickly and the girls were so excited to tear in to them that I had to hold them back so I could get one picture of what they contained before they ripped them apart. Here is what they came with.

The Classic Box

– A Sherlock T-shirt
– Doctor Who Titan Figure
– Doctor Who exclusive villain print
– Mr. Bean Bendable Figurine
– Mr. Bean’s stuffed teddy
– Monty Python magnetic words

Jr. Girls’ Nerd Box

– My Little Pony Pop Pony character
– Double pack Littlest Pet Shop Figures
– Catwoman figurine
– My Little pony Painting kit
– Hello Kitty tattoos (a lot)
– A Minion Comic

I can’t wait to see what is in the next box.

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