Value Village Haul

I just want to start by saying Congratulations to the U.S. for their Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. I’m not American but I am a humanist. Equal rights for everyone.

I got an email last week saying that Value Village was having a 50% off pre-sale for its card members. Since we hit Value Village almost every weekend we were definitely going this Sunday, because 50% off super cheap is a fantastic deal. We decided to get up early and hit as many stores as we could across the city (we have a lot here). Tom was on a mission to find work clothes because his get beat to shit and need to be replaced regularly. I wasn’t looking for anything particular, just any good scores that I could find. The girls are always on the lookout for My Little Ponies, converse shoes, and Archie comics so everyone had things they wanted to get.

I know that it is months early but we have to stay one step ahead of this game. If we don’t then we will end up in panic mode and it won’t turn out the way we envisioned. What am I rambling about? Each girl has decided what they want to dress up as for Halloween this year. My kids love costumes so Halloween is big in this house. We try hard to make the costumes that they want come to life no matter how hard it may be. Last year was Doctor Who themed and this year they have each different ideas of something they want to try. They pretty much started talking about it right after they finished trick-or-treating last year.  Merle wants to be Cruella Deville because she is on a 101 Dalmations kick, and Roo wants to be the My Little Pony character Derpy Hooves. Now that they have told me what they want to dress as we keep our eyes open at the Value Villages to see if they have any pieces that we can use for costumes to slowly build our collection.

When I searched Pinterest for Cruella Costumes I found this one that is amazing. The child even looks a little like Merle (same attitude) and she could totally pull this off.

Cruella Deville Costume

Picture via Costume Works.

We found some pieces yesterday that will work for this costume that I was able to buy at 50% off and store away. A pair of red sparkly shoes and some long costume pearl necklaces and bracelets.

Value Village

Roos’ costume is going to mimic this cartoon character:

Derpy Hooves

Picture via MLP Wikia

I was able to find a green skirt that will be perfect. I just need to take it in a bit and sew on some grey circles (not visible in picture).

Value Village


Some other scores of the day for the girls was a Boom Sweater for Roo, several bags of Archie comics, and some Yo Gabba Gabba Funko figurines in a $1 bag that we spotted on the way out by the cash. They collect Funkos so this was a great find.

Value Village

Value Village

Value Village


Everything was 50% off the tag price except the books so all in all it was a successful day. Tom found 9 million things for work, and I found nothing but that is usual for me. C’est la vie. Until the next haul.


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