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This one is going to be quick. It popped in my head while I was in the shower this morning listening to Spotify 80’s Smash Hits Playlist. Nothing starts the morning off like a little Bette Davis Eyes with Dancing on the Ceiling thrown in. It’s nice to be able to shower with the door closed now since Roo is older and I can depend on her to notify me if her sister is doing bad shit.

Have you ever heard of Udemy courses? It is the world’s online learning marketplace. There are over 30,000 courses and tutorials by instructors from topics that range from yoga to photography, to travelling for cheap. The prices range from free to several hundreds of dollars, the lengths of each course range as well. They are running a sale until June 10th where many of the courses have been marked down to $10 with the code SAIL010. I went on last night and started adding some to my wish list (I have to wait for payday though).

I am intrigued by the travelling for cheap courses but I also am looking at getting a Photoshop tutorial. I bought Photoshop two months ago and I still barely know how to use it. It’s really fucking hard. I had no idea how much of a learning curve there was to it. I have to look up every single thing that I am trying to do so what seems like it should be a quick project ends up taking a lot more man hours than I anticipated. I would also like to take a photography course because I also suck at that too, and maybe a yoga course or two since I am always looking for different yoga classes to spice things up.

If I had more of a disposable income I would go through and by a shitload of these and just go through them at a relaxed pace since you get lifetime access. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee, and it is available on devices as well as the desktop. It’s like having access to a huge library of how-to-guides and educational textbooks at your fingertips. Have fun going through the courses. There is so much information out there waiting for you, it’s just really hard to make a decision. I will let you know which Udemy courses I decide on.


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