Late Nights, Donuts, and Outfit of the Day 5


Outfit if the day 5

Today’s outfit of the day was a dress. Just a casual style with sandals, a hat, and a tucked braid. I am only 5’3″ and this dress falls to a weird spot on me making me look shorter than I am (which I obviously don’t need). I am thinking of bringing it to get altered to hit right at or right below the knee taking 2-3 inches off. I also need to invest in a pair of Spanx because this style isn’t very forgiving and accentuates every bump good and bad.

It has rained for the last three days. Yesterday was especially intense with severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. Needless to say we haven’t really left the house much. Pelting ran and high winds aren’t really conducive to a stroll around the neighbourhood. ¬†I must admit that while this isn’t an area that gets regular tornado warnings, living on a high floor in a corner unit makes me nervous when we have bad weather. Not nervous enough to move into a house though ūüėČ I like my condo living.

When we woke up today and the sun was blasting I knew it would be a good day to go out. It’s hard to get the kids motivated though even though I promised donuts if they hurried. They bounce off the ceiling until all hours of the night, never¬†falling asleep at a decent time, so when morning comes they never want to get out of bed. Last night at around 11:30pm Merle asked me if she could use a tutu as a parachute. I’m glad she asked before she¬†tried it. That book Go the F to Sleep is about her. Of that I am certain.¬†This morning our building had a fire alarm test (they do it monthly) and I thought for sure that would get them up. When the security came over the PA ¬†at 8a.m. and said, “can I have your attention please‚Ķ.” both girls groaned and put pillows over their head. ¬†So much for getting an early start to the day. As it stands we didn’t get out of the house until 12:30.

I am sure people judge me because I usually bring an umbrella stroller with us when we go out. Even though she is 4 and fully capable of walking she is one of those kids that you cannot take your eyes from even for a split second. She also
a) Gets tired and starts complaining when we walk too much and will actually sit and refuse to move.
b) She doesn’t always listen the best and I spend most of the¬†time chasing her around instead of enjoying ourselves.
c) It is also easier to get errands done when we can walk at a nice pace and I don’t have to worry about her darting away and getting hit by a car.

Plus, the stroller is a good place to hang bags off too so you can carry more. It just makes things a hell of a lot easier. People need to just quit judging other parents. It proves nothing but sure makes you look like an asshole. Speaking of parenting I read the best blog post this week from¬†Renegade Mothering¬†called Please May I Excuse Myself From this Interaction? Jack Daniels?¬†It is about helping your fellow parent out of ¬†an awkward “I’m a better parent than you” type of situation. Enjoy.

Outfit of the Day 5

Hat (similar) | Dress | Sandals | Purse

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