Greece Packing List and Hindsight

Santorini Greece Packing List Packing Light



Black Camisole | White Tank | Striped Tee | Black Tee | Off-Shoulder Top | Yellow Blouse | V-Neck Sweater | Cardigan


Dressy Shorts | Denim Shorts | Floral Skirt | Jeans

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Striped Dress | Maxi Dress | Short Jumpsuit | Long Jumpsuit

Shoes & Accessories

Slip-ons | Espadrilles |Flats | Heels

Straw Hat | Necklace 1 | Necklace 2 | Necklace 3 | Bracelet | Watch | Sunglasses

Carry-on (Love this bag) | Small Bag | Clutch | Large Purse

Back in my last post I arranged this Greece Packing List and made a series of 10 outfits both for day to-night looks. I compiled all those looks into one list so it is easy to see what is included in the entire packing list for comparable packing ideas. I absolutely love that carry-on from Sole Society. When I saw it on Pinterest I decided that was the one that I wanted to buy. It comes in three colours cognac, grey, and midnight blue. I think I like the grey best, although I wouldn’t complain if I got any of the colours.

When you Google Santorini, Greece what comes up are pictures after pictures of beautiful blue seas, glorious sunsets, and white washed buildings. It makes me wish that I could do a honeymoon redo. I was 5 months pregnant when we got married so we have never had a time when all we had to worry about was just the two of us. I wish we would have taken that last opportunity to go on a big European trip before Roo was born. We went to Niagara Falls which I had never been to before but it was kind of a quick trip without much thought put into it. I’m kind of disappointed at the missed opportunity. Hindsight is the devil 😉

On the topic of trips, our Disney trip has been postponed due to not being able to save enough in the allotted time and Tom’s new show for work will start around then anyway. Taking the job is more important than the trip since it is so close to Christmas. I don’t want to be pushing it in the finance department for the Christmas season. We have done that for years now and it would be nice to finally have a Christmas where we weren’t super stressed over money. We will probably do Disney after the new year. Hopefully. I just don’t want to break it to the girls.

The day to night outfit options for this list are in this post.

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  1. My sister sent me this as inspiration for my upcoming Greece trip. I loved it so much I will try to shop clothes in the same style (since it’s from 2015 I don’t think they are available in shops anymore) and pack accordingly. Would love more inspiration similar to this one. I’m going to Croatia this summer as well. If you want a tip on a new location. 🙂 /Sofie from Sweden

    • I’m always looking for new destination inspiration so thank you! I hope you have a great trip 🙂


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