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Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe

*UPDATE: This post is older so a lot of the items below are sold out in stores. I have updated many of the links with like items in similar price ranges.

Dressy Tank | White T-shirt | White Blouse | Pullover | Baseball Tee | Floral Kimono

Grey Tank | T-Shirt Dress Grey T-shirt | Printed Cardigan | Long Pullover | Oversized Cardigan

Black Tank | Band T-shirt | Black T-shirtFitted Cardigan | Maxi Dress | Fitted Dress | Oversized Blazer

Wrap Dress | Leather Jacket | Maxi SkirtLeather Pants | Dressy Pants | Black Jeans | Dark Denim

Distressed Denim | Denim Shorts | Sleeveless DressKimono Dress | Bright Pullover

Gauzy Blouse | Rainboots | Leather Sandals | Flats | BootiesConverse | Moto Boots


I am going to make a confession. After secretly passing judgement on those that admitted they watched it, I just started watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and I am addicted. I have torn through season 1-6 and am on season 7, plus I have also watched the Kim and Kourtney spin-off’s. Cue embarrassment, should I hang my head in shame?

After over a month of finishing my Capsule Wardrobe I thought I would update on a couple of changes I had to make. The leather pants that I ordered from Shein (currently known as Sheinside) were too small in the waist. They fit great everywhere else but because they don’t stretch I can’t do them up. I had flashbacks from when I was pregnant, rolling around on my back like a turtle trying to do my pants up. At least then I had an excuse and could wear a bellaband to hide it. I think I dropped quite a few f-bombs when I realized I can’t wear them. If you order from them I suggest getting a size or two larger in order for them to fit because they are snug. Aside from the fit though, they were exactly what I was looking for. I took them out of my capsule and replaced them with a leather look pair of leggings that I found on the sale rack until I can find another pair of leather pants that I like and that fit me properly. Maybe when fall stock comes in to the stores I will find a pair.

The other things that I switched out are two dresses. The light pink airy dress I find that I am too self conscience in. It doesn’t leave any room for any figure flaw because it is very noticeable due to the colour and material. I am going to save it for when I feel like I am in better shape. I replaced it with a fitted black halter strap dress. The other dress I changed was the Bohemian, I put it on the list before I bought it because I loved the way it looked in the store when I tried it on, I was going to buy it until I found one I liked better on the rack beside it. It is a maxi floral print dress with kimono sleeves, but mine has pink flowers instead of blue and orange. It had a tropical island vibe and I like that it is something I would wear if I was on a beach vacation.

I also traded in my grey t-shirt for one I found at H&M for $14.99.  It is cotton and airy and much more suited to the heat and humidity that has been “blessing” us lately. Since this is my first time building a Capsule it was a trial and error situation for me. I realized that regardless of my intent to buy or even if I have ordered it I should not include an item in my final draft until it is in my possession and I can guarantee a fit. I am not a gambler by nature because of my notorious bad luck so I really should have known better. Live and learn I guess.

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