Weekly Wrap and the New Ontario Sex Education

The birds and the bees

On the way to buy groceries today the girls and I saw a hullabaloo across the street. There was a horde of people and I thought they were just hanging out at the city centre square because it was such a nice afternoon. Since I thought there was nothing going on we proceeded to walk towards it because it is the shortest route to where we were going. Then I saw the signs and by then it was too late to turn around and go the other direction. Today I got to experience the fallout about the New Ontario Sex Education Curriculum that I keep reading and hearing about everywhere. Parents were having an all out protest against the new “Radical” sexual Education course that is being implemented in Ontario schools. We had to walk right into the thick of it to get to our destination and for me it was really embarrassing. The news stations were out filming footage and I was trying really hard to get out of there before someone thought that I was part of the protest. I kind of wanted to chant “Pro Informing Our Children!” while we were speed walking through the crowd.

I’ve read the new curriculum and have yet to see what has parents all worked up. The biggest argument it that sex education is for parents to teach their kids. Well good on you if that is the case. Then your child won’t be surprised in class. If you teach your kid at home then this class isn’t really meant for you. This class is for the children who do not receive this education at home. For the child who may be being molested and doesn’t realize they can get help or that it is wrong. This class is for the kids who tell one another misinformation. This class is so that people can’t pretend that the LGBTQ community doesn’t exist and for the children who may think they are part of the community but are scared to tell anyone. It lets girls know that they can say no. It talks of the dangers of sexting and online predators. In other words it has evolved with the times.

I don’t understand  the fear mongering about it. Knowing the proper names for body parts for young children is a GOOD thing.


Things that happened this week:

1. I really wanted cake but didn’t want to go out and buy one so I scrounged the cupboards and baked a giant fucking cookie instead.



2. Merle was able to wear my most favourite dress ever that used to belong to Roo. It finally fits. Kind of. It’s red with white polka dots and has a retro flare. We bought it at H&M for $18 about 5 years ago.


3. We discovered an awesome diner called Three Stooges Family Restaurant. They serve breakfast all day and you get huge portions for a great price. Our breakfast was awesome, and so filling I had to take half home and eat it for dinner. This was the Country Style Skillet. It was hash browns covered in scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, sausage, and back bacon. All smothered in hollandaise sauce (which is the best sauce in the world and I would eat almost anything if it had hollandaise sauce on it).


4. I think I found my first grey hair. I can’t guarantee it was grey because of the colour I dye my hair. I kind of looked light blonde but was a weird wiry texture. I didn’t want to ask anyone their opinion so I kept that shit to myself. The same day I found it I woke with a nice zit. Shouldn’t grey hair negate zits? It’s almost like an oxymoron of life. At least I got carded today while buying lottery tickets. That makes it a little easier to swallow.

5. Last but not least I finally finished my Duolingo French tree. It’s now time to move on to the next level of my French Language learning venture.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 5.14.29 PM


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