Kids Bedroom from Hell

What have I been doing for the past few days? Well, for the last month I have hounded Roo to get her and Merle’s bedroom clean. They share a room but the really, really messy one is Roo. She is the type of person who pulls things out without putting away what she was using/wearing first. No matter how many times I sent her to her room to clean it kept getting progressively worse. She would go in for 3 hours and she would manage to fold two shirts. This kid can build and entire functioning town in Minecraft in less than an hour but she can’t make her bed. Threats, things taken away, grounding, none of these things worked and I was on my way to boxing up her belongings and leaving her with a bare minimum (like this woman did) until she learned to appreciate and take care of what she has.

We were finishing up school work today when I heard a knock at the door. When I answered it was building security. He asked if we were all right because an alarm from our unit was going off in the office. He wanted to know if we had cooked or anything that would have set it off. I said that we hadn’t for several hours, so he went to the panel and showed us how to turn it off if it false alarms again. I didn’t even know it was doing it and I wonder if  little badness pressed something when I wasn’t looking. She denied it but tells tales. Anyway, how this part ties in to the story is that in order for him to shut the panel off he had to come in. When he came in he saw the mess I hadn’t picked up yet, plus the girls’ room is right in the visual line of the panel so he could see the disaster in there. It was embarrassing and when he left I lost my shit.

Today was the last day to clean I told her, or I was pitching it all. Then we all went in together. My goal was to get her started, get the momentum going and then let her take over but it was so bad that I stuck around. I’d say we managed to get 90% done today which included organizing the toy closet, the rest is up to her. I am officially implementing a new rule: Everyday when she gets up she is to make her bed and do a quick tidy. Everyday. This place is so small that it looks cluttered and messy in a short period of time if people don’t pick up after themselves. I need it to look decent just in case sticky fingers presses the alarm again.


The finished result of the kid’s bedroom. I really wish I had taken a before picture but I might have been too embarrassed to post it anyway. It was horrendous. It made her look like she belonged on Hoarders. Side note: Anytime I watch Hoarders it makes me clean my house. It is a great motivational tool.


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