Key To Your Heart


I’m not an overly emotional person. It takes a lot to make me cry, I am extremely awkward around other people’s children, and I am definitely not a winner in any mommy war competitions. I don’t even care to compete most times. But today is Mother’s Day and I wanted to share a sweet moment from my youngest child.

When I bought my winter jacket this year it came with one of those ball chains that go through the buttonhole to hold all the tags on it. Along with the tags it came with a large-sized metal key. Merle saw this and declared that the key was hers. It’s a “I call shotgun” way in our house to decide who gets things, otherwise high-pitched screaming may ensue (that is mostly from one person though).

She then asked if I had a necklace to put it on so she could wear it around her neck. I asked her why she wanted to wear it and she replied,

“It’s the key to your heart momma.”

So this ice queens heart melted a bit and I found a chain for her. She has worn it ever since (she is wearing it in the top picture). I figure that a point will come when it will either break or she will lose it so I searched around on Etsy for something that could be a comparable replacement. That is if she is still interested in holding the key to my heart and I found this.


Key to My Heart Lariat • Sudlow • Etsy • $40

It is a little long for her current size, and I would be scared that it would break it now because she is a little hard on things. But in a few years I think this would be a perfect replacement. I may have to buy it and set it aside for the future.

I was in the elevator last Monday with the girls. We were going down to mail a Mother’s Day card for my mom. A woman got in the elevator and started making small talk. She first asked why my kids weren’t in school at that moment so I replied “we homeschool”. She asked why, so I quickly explained in a summed up short elevator ride version. She said “well we have all kinds of nice schools in this area if you looked”. I responded with “I am aware of all kinds of nice schools all over the place, that isn’t the reason we do it. It gives us more freedom to do what we want when we want.” Like walking to mail something in the middle of the day and have a spontaneous lunch out. She then asked what we were doing and I told her we were mailing a Mother’s Day card. She replied, “at least you still have a mother”. It was a fun elevator ride.

So I hope that all you moms and have a Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo



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