How to Arrange a Coffee Table My Version

Every night when I put my youngest to bed she insists that I sit and snuggle her while she sleeps. This is mandatory. When we don’t she doesn’t settle down, is in and out of bed every five minutes, and “has to pee” more times during those few hours than she does during the whole day added together. So we snuggle as a bonding moment and to keep me sane. Usually while snuggling I either read or scan Pinterest on my iPad. Last night while I was looking at Pinterest I came across a pin on How to Arrange a Coffee Table in 4 Steps.


I usually just chuckle and scroll past those pins but not last night. Why I felt the need to torture myself is beyond me. So I clicked on it and I saw some very beautifully decorated coffee tables laid out in enviously organized ways. Then I looked at mine.
IMG_1887.JPGThe key to arranging your coffee table is to present some items that tell about who you are and what you like. Haha! Yeah right. What can you tell by my table? That my kids like Yop, Play-Doh, and Skylanders/video games.

What I try to convince myself is that anyone who is able to keep such a meticulously decorated coffee table either a) doesn’t have children, or b) has a living room that kids are not allowed in. Or maybe I just need a housekeeping intervention.


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