Capsule Wardrobe Closet Purge

A few posts back I talked about my intention of building myself a capsule wardrobe. Since I don’t have a lot of extra disposable income I can’t rebuild my wardrobe from scratch like they do on What Not to Wear. I always secretly hoped that I would get nominated for the show (even though I didn’t dress bad) just so I could get Stacey and Clinton to build me a wardrobe. Since I can’t build from scratch I have to build from what I already own which is going to be a huge step by step process.

My first step was to purge my clothes. I wish that I had a group of friends like in the Sex in the City movie where Carrie goes through her closet and tries on all of her clothes and the girls yay or nay them so she can get rid of things before moving in with Big. I need that kind of help. I had a lot of things hanging in there that haven’t been worn in a long while. Some of it even years. I tend to hold on to things because I think that they may come back in style in a few years. I have learned the hard way that they tend to. For example I had an awesome pair of red espadrilles that I bought years ago. I pitched them about 4 years ago and now I see them all over the place. It figures. I managed to purge so much stuff this time around. I was super cut-throat and managed to get rid of A LOT. This was my closet before.

UPDATED: If you want to see my finished Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe read here.

Closet before

My closet is a standard sized with the mirrored double doors. I have half of it and Tom’s stuff (that he actually puts away) is in the other half. I managed to pare down my wardrobe by almost half which is huge for me. This was the after.


Closet After


I got rid of even more stuff before I moved on to my next step. Roo pointed out to me that I Tom’s side of the closet had better shelves that he didn’t even use which got me thinking. So I spent Mother’s Day afternoon switching our closet sides and ended up with a neat and organized not quite Ikea looking closet for the first time in my life.


Closet Final

It is an awkward and dark photo. I had to stand on the bed because it is a small room.

My next step is to go through and actually build the wardrobe. That will involve pack away any seasonal wear, and putting together outfits to get the most out of what I have. I might also need to buy a few new pieces over the next little while in order to round out what I have. Stick around to see if I can actually accomplish this goal.

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