Capsule Wardrobe Part 4 – Sweaters and Jackets


My youngest is going to be the one that gives me grey hair. She is constantly getting in to things, performing stunts, and causing mischief. I can’t take my eyes off of her for one second because when I do either she hurts herself or is in the process of doing so. She is fearless but funny, and she loves me fiercely.

Yesterday we went to pick up some groceries and we did our usual tour around the mall beforehand. We walked past the perfume counter and they gave us a few samples. I wasn’t very impressed  by the scent at that time but I brought it home because it always smells different when it’s sprayed on a person vs a scent card. When we got home I took it out of the bag and put it on the bathroom counter so I wouldn’t lose it and then proceeded to put the groceries away. Merle comes sauntering in the room holding the little perfume vial and proceeds to aim it at her neck to spray herself. Before I could even yell for her to stop she sprayed herself in the eye.  She had an eye bath for the next 10 minutes before it started to feel better. Her eye smelled all night and I honestly think that I liked the scent of the perfume now.

The moment she felt better she was back to bouncing off the walls. Swinging off the back of the chair and then toppling it on to herself. This is why I can’t get a babysitter for her. People just don’t realize that she needs to have eyes on her 24/7. I read a quote that made me laugh because it is so true. It said:

“News flash: it’s possible to have one or even two very easy going children before the stork shits a humdinger in your lap.” – from

When Target was closing here (insert sad face) they had some really cute My Little Ponies hooded sweatshirts that the girls wanted. They only had a couple left and they weren’t in their sizes. They obviously were not going to restock since they were liquidating everything. I thought were shit out of luck until I searched online and came across almost the exact same ones on aliexpress for $10 including shipping. Score. The only hassle was that it took a month to get it here. It doesn’t always take that long, I guess it depends on when they ship the item out, but Tom has ordered things from there that have arrived here in a week so I guess it’s just luck of the draw.


I have Part 4 of my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe done now. It includes sweaters and jackets, or more like sweaters, cardigans, an oversized black blazer, and my go-to vegan leather jacket. I would love to buy a real leather jacket soon but in the meantime this one is my staple, it is in the style I like, and only cost me $50. I love sweaters. Fall and winter are my favourite seasons because I like to dress in layers. I like the way that I can throw one over a dress, pair of shorts, or a skirt and change-up the look. Below my list are the links to where you can find the items or similar ones within the same price range. Part 1 – Shirts, Part 2 – Bottoms and Shoes, and Part 3 – Dresses  of Building My Capsule Wardrobe can all be read if you click the links to their earlier posts. I will put everything together into one post at the end for easier reference.

UPDATED: If you want to see my finished Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe read here.



Leather Jacket | Oversized Blazer, similar, similar | Pullover, similar | Long Pullover | Fitted Cardigan |

Bright PulloverPrint Cardigan, similar, similar | Oversized Cardigan

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