Capsule Wardrobe Part 3 – Dresses


I love that the windows can be wide open all night now. I sleep so much better having some cool, fresh air circulating around me than when everything is shut tight during the winter. I always wake up with a gross, suffocating feeling multiple times in the night when it isn’t. 

Our building has central air but we were never given any type of instruction on how to use it when we moved in. I figured it would be pretty basic since using the heat was, but we could not get it to work a few weeks ago when the days were pretty hot and it was getting muggy in here. I searched all over online for an instruction manual and was so close to emailing the our landlord about it. Then I saw a video on Youtube from a real estate agent from Toronto talking about living in condos in the area. He mentioned how many buildings have a certain time of year that they switch from heat to air since it is done by hot and cold water tanks. So I decided to give it a little more time. Low and behold two weeks ago when we came back from weekend errands the air was on full force and the condo was cold. Too cold because we had it turned down low from when we were screwing with it and forgot to put it back to a normal temperature, but at least we knew it worked.

This brings me to this warmer weather and my love for wearing dresses. It hasn’t always been this way but somewhere over the last 10 years I came over to the dark side. I am not as much a short dress wearing person as maxi dresses though because I am always scared my ass will show from either the wind or having to lift or chase a kid. I do have a couple of short dresses for those moments that I feel the urge but that isn’t very often. One of them is snug enough around my ass that I don’t have to worry about it lifting anyway 😉 All I need now is a pair of Spanx.

Here is the dress part of my capsule wardrobe. Parts 1 – Shirts, and Part 2 – Bottoms and Shoes are in other posts. I will combine them all together in to one big list at the end when I am done. I am still looking to buy a few pieces though. Links for the items are listed below.

UPDATED: If you want to see my finished Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe read here. 


Black Maxi | T-shirt Dress | Wrap Dress | Bohemian Dress (similar) | Airy Casual Dress |

| Mid-Length Fitted |

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