Capsule Wardrobe Part 2 – Bottoms and Shoes


This week is rent week. Normally that means that finances are just slightly tight during that week but this month Tom had last week off entirely while in between shows, so he doesn’t get a pay check this week. That means I had $30 for groceries which sucks balls.Groceries in the city are expensive so my dollar doesn’t quite stretch as far. This week is pasta and breakfast for dinner week because pasta and  eggs are super cheap and my kids like both of them. Picky kids cause meal planning problems. Just today Merle said:

“I want toast. Except I don’t want it toasted. And no crusts.” – Merle age 4

Sundays are mom and Merle day. Actually Sundays are grocery day and no one ever wants to go with me so they became mom and Merle day by default since she never wants to leave my side. Today we did a tour around the mall before getting groceries because I like to window shop even though it is slightly masochistic when you are broke. I passed American Eagle Outfitters and decided to go in for some strange reason, probably grocery procrastination. I have never actually bought anything from there. Ever. I kind of feel like I needed to be 15 tears younger to shop there, but I saw a pair of flares that caught my eye. I tried them on and they fit great so I officially added them to my capsule wardrobe even though I haven’t bought them yet. They are on my to-purchase list. I already have 3 pairs of jeans in my wardrobe but they are all skinny jeans. I think flares will add a nice bohemian option to outfit planning that I haven’t embraced in years.

It’s so true that everything fashion wise comes back around again.  When I was in my teens I wanted to be a hippy. I  watched Woodstock documentaries, listened to 60’s music, and I even wore patchouli. Every pair of jeans I wore I split the seam from ankle to knee, inserted a triangle of fabric, and sewed it in. My makeshift flares/bell bottoms were my favourite jeans until I was around 21.

This collection goes with Part 1 – Shirts. Below are the bottoms and shoes portions of my capsule wardrobe. Links to items are listed underneath.

UPDATED: If you want to see my finished Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe read here.


Dark Blue Jeans | Distressed Jeans | Black Jeans | Black Dressy Pants |

Imitation Leather Pants | Flares | Maxi Skirt | Denim Shorts

Leather Sandals (similar) | Dressy Booties | Motorcycle Boot (similar) | Rainboots | Flats | Converse

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