Summer Sandals Decisions

Summer Sandals


I have finally accepted that the summer sandals I have had for the last three years are not going to make it through another summer. The leather on my heel where the zipper is, has worn a nice large hole in it and it is starting to separate from the sole. I’m sad. They were the only summer shoe I had for the past several years and they served me well. May they rest in peace.

So while they have been retired I have started searching. I came across a pair that I liked and noted in a previous post but from then until now I made a new discovery. Some place that I never even thought of looking for sandals before. I have no idea why I never thought of it because it is usually my go-to when looking for something special or unique. Etsy.

Yep, Etsy has some fabulous hand-made leather sandals for ridiculously great prices. Ones you won’t find in stores. I compiled a list of few of my favourites that I came across out of the plethora they offer. And by plethora I mean pages and pages and pages of sandals to go through. It was to hard to narrow down to a few but I did. There was much back and forth in my decision-making but I finally picked the style. The pair I chose are in the picture below. Can you guess which ones they are?

Summer Sandals


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*Number 1 is actually made from vegan leather.


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