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I have been a part of my online mom/birth group for almost 5 years now. I have yet to meet anyone in the group since most are from the U.S. and those in Canada are more westward than I. Quite a few of the U.S. members have met though, and today one of my good friends from there mentioned how another member was visiting in her area and neglected to set up a meeting. I though it was weird since my friend is pretty much liked by everyone on the board. She is a peacekeeper and admin. But me I’m certain she would never want to meet. I mentioned that I’m sure she thinks that I have devil horns hidden under my hair. I think I am too much of an opinionated, agnostic. Liberal, who says fuck a lot for her to even acknowledge I exist. I might actually make that my tagline.

A few posts back I was talking about how I just discovered that Esty sells summer sandals. I talked about my excitement that they had so many styles I loved, and my indecision over which pair to buy. The pair I selected were a black leather gladiator style with a thick buckled ankle strap. They were from the Esty shop called Leatherhood (which also sells beautiful leather backpacks) and only ended up costing me $50 Canadian + shipping. I can’t find any leather sandals here for $50 so this was a being deal for me. Plus they were handmade in Greece which makes them oh-so-much cooler. Roo cut and the Greek stamps off the packaging and saved them because she likes collecting weird travel things like that.

The shipped really quick and arrived in the country in a short period of time. Customs held them for a while and they were “sent for further review” which was frustrating. Tom said it was probably because the packaging looked like it could have smuggled drugs 😉 But they arrived and I am beyond thrilled.  Due to my skinny ankle syndrome, I had to poke an extra hole in the ankle strap but that is my issue not theirs and I have to do that to a lot of shoes and watches. The leather is pliable enough that they haven’t rubbed or given me a blister from wearing them right out of the box which is fantastic because I usually have to go through a breaking-in period in most of my footwear. These sandals will integrate well into my wardrobe and go with pretty much everything I wear during the summer.

*Please ignore my finger like toes in the pictures, they are long I know. They are great for picking things up off the floor 😉




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