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Pinterest is bad for your self-esteem. It can make you think you are capable of doing all kinds of extraordinary things and when you attempt them 9 times out of 10 you fail miserably. We have all seen those Pinterest fail memes. There are whole blogs dedicated to Pinterest fails and it is a hilarious way to spend some time knowing that you aren’t the only one that sucks when it comes to Martha Stewart type endeavours. So after many fails I am very choosy when it comes to DIY’s. I can a rarely motivate myself to do anything creative most days so when I attempt a project and it doesn’t turn out I am less apt to attempt the next project. You know the saying “when you fall off a bike get right back on it.”? Yeah, well I am the type of person who when I fall I think “well I guess I’m just not meant to do this.” and never get back on. It’s a horrible wait to think and I am certain it is the pessimist in me sneaking out during times like that.

So when I came across the DIY Camera Scarf Tutorial I thought that it was probably something that I could do since I am an ok at sewing. I got the idea from the blog The House That Lars Built. It is an amazing blog that is full of realistically attainable DIY’s. Go over and take a look, you will spend a long time going through great craft/DIY ideas with beautifully photographed pictures.

What you need for this project is:
– a scarf
– a piece of leather
– two key rings
– two clips for attaching to the camera (I used lanyard clips)
– You also need a sewing machine or you can sew it by hand.

I bought the scarf second-hand at Value Village along with and old black leather belt to use for cutting out the end pieces. The key rings and lanyard clips I got at Walmart in the craft section. Make sure that the scarf it isn’t too long because it will end up hanging too low when the camera is attached. You can use scarves of varying types of material but I think jersey would be easier to work with since it has some stretch and would hang nice. Pick your favourite colour or something that goes with your wardrobe. My camera is red so a lot of scarves that I liked didn’t work well that with that colour. I ended up choosing a regular gauzy scarf with a Burberry looking plaid. The final project didn’t turn out quiet as I had envisioned (but isn’t that always the way?) because I was lacking a leather needle for my sewing machine. This caused some sewing issues but in the end I prevailed. This is my attempt at the camera scarf. Excuse the crappy photos, our apartment doesn’t have a lot of sunlight.





1. Gather the items you need as listed above. (scarf, a piece of leather, 2 key rings, 2 lanyard clips)

2. Draw the outline of the end pieces on the piece of leather. It is basically shaped like a bow tie and you can trace it on to paper to use as a pattern if you can’t freehand very well. Cut out two of these pieces.

3. Take your key rings and lanyard clips.

4. Slide rings on to the pieces piece of leather and attach the clips.

5. I fan folded the end of the scarf to make it easier to sew into the end. I ran a quick stitch through the scarf end to hold the fold before proceeding to the next step.

6. Insert scarf end in between the leather piece like a sandwich. Sew all around the border of leather end to make sure the scarf is firmly attached as well as the key rings.

7. Attach the clips to the hooks on your camera.

8. Try it on and go take some pictures.


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