We Need a Vacation So I Made a Packing List


Summer break, winter break, March break, none of these ever mean that much in our family since Tom always has to work and I homeschool. He just wrapped the last show he was working on, on Friday and started a new one Monday. The roll over to each show is nice since that means there are no breaks in between pay checks but it is hard on him and we really need a getaway. The Catch 22 is…that to afford a vacation he needs to work. A lot. An immense amount. It gets hard on him/us when we see family and friends going on bi-yearly trips while we sit back and think “how the fuck do they do it?” The answer most of them give us is a generic reply of hard work and saving. I feel like it’s almost an insult. I know, I am just sensitive to this topic because we work hard, always have, we save when we can. It just seems that shitty things keep happening that set us back.

For instance, in November someone did a smash and grab on our car while it was parked at a location Tom was working at. He wasn’t even that far from it when it happened but he heard nothing. They stole his backpack which had all his work tools and his laptop. A laptop that we hadn’t even finished paying for yet. And to kick us the balls while we were down, a parking ticket enforcer (or whatever they are called) gave him a parking ticket because the parking receipt in the window blew into the passenger seat when they window was broken. The asshole stepped over broken glass of an obviously vandalized car to give him a ticket. Four months before the smash and grab, someone apparently at some point left the oil cap on our engine loose. It fell off somewhere while driving and all the oil came out. There was no warning or indicator on our car that it was losing oil and it just stuttered and stalled on the highway. Tom could have been in a bad accident from that if he hadn’t roll off at a passing exit. It was a $4000 repair.  I want to blame the place that changed our oil just previous to this incident but of course they will never admit to it. How the hell else would it come loose unless someone was hanging under our card hood and did it on purpose which is extremely doubtful. These are just some of the things that happen. It always seems that when we get a step forward something happens that forces us back two steps. It is so frustrating.

We moved up to Toronto a year and half ago which cost a lot. Then unexpectedly we found out that our lease wasn’t being renewed and we had to move out of that apartment without much warning. Right at the end of November when we still had Christmas presents to buy and Tom had one month of an unpaid hiatus at work. We had to get a loan to cover everything otherwise our only option would have been to move home to my parents house until we got our feet on the ground again. When we got back our taxes this year we knew that it would be more than we have ever got back at any point. It would have been awesome to use it to take a vacation or at least put it in savings, but instead we had to pay off our loan. One step forward and two steps back. In honour of our vacation that never happened, I made a packing list that would have been perfect for a spring trip that we wanted to take to Copenhagen. The purple print shoes from Moorea Seal I recently bought. They should arrive in the mail some time this week (fingers crossed) and I will write a post declaring their awesomeness…..hopefully.



Travel Light in a Carry-On Packing List


What to Wear on the Plane

H&M – Patterned Poncho – Black/white – Ladies • H&M • $20
H&M – Linen T-shirt – White – Ladies • H&M • $17.95
H&M – Super Skinny Super Low Jeans – Denim blue – Ladies • H&M • $19.95
Frye ‘Veronica Shortie’ Slouchy Boot • Frye • $297.95
H&M – Sunglasses – Gold-colored – Ladies • H&M • $7.95
Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph Runway Gold-Tone MK5055 • Michael Kors • $250

What to Pack

H&M – Woven Camisole Top – Black – Ladies • H&M • $34.95
H&M – V-neck Blouse – White – Ladies • H&M • $19.95
H&M – Jersey Top – Black – Ladies • H&M • $9.95
H&M – Textured Woven Coat – Black melange – Ladies • H&M • $59.95
H&M – Rib-knit Sweater – Black melange – Ladies • H&M • $19.95
H&M – Fine-knit Sweater – Black & white – Ladies • H&M • $24.95 (various colours)
H&M – Pencil Skirt – Dark gray – Ladies • H&M • $24.95
H&M – Long-sleeved Dress – Dark green – Ladies • H&M • $24.95
H&M – Short Dress – Black – Ladies • H&M • $39.95
H&M – Skinny Regular Jeans – Black – Ladies • H&M • $29.95
H&M – Jersey Leggings – Black – Ladies • H&M • $9.95


Zig Zag D’Orsay Flats  • Moorea Seal • $110
Madden Girl Kopykat Mid-Heel d’Orsay Pumps • Madden-Girl • $49
Converse Chuck Taylor® High Top Sneaker (Women) • Converse • $54.95

Bras/Undies & Pajamas

H&M 2-pack Push-up Bras • Black & White • H&M • $17.95
H&M – 3-pack Boy Shorts – Light gray – Ladies • H&M • $14.95
H&M – Jersey Pajamas – Light gray – Ladies • H&M • $17.95


H&M – Wool Hat – Black – Ladies • H&M • $24.95
H&M – Melange Tube Scarf – Black melange – Ladies • H&M • $14.95
H&M – Large Hoop Earrings – Gold – Ladies • H&M • $4.95
H&M – 15-pack Bracelets – Gold – Ladies • H&M • $4
H&M – Multistrand Necklace – Multicolored – Ladies • H&M • $24.95
H&M – Wide Necklace – Black – Ladies • H&M • $34.95

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