Spring Time and Weeping Angels


It has finally happened. Brace yourselves. The temperature is finally above 0°C. The clouds opened up and the angels burst forth in song. Hallelujah. I am starting to go bat shit crazy and cannot wait until I am able to open all the windows. The sun was blasting yesterday and it was about 5°C so the girls asked to hang out on the balcony. In their jammies and coats/sweatshirts they went out with a blanket, iPad, cookies, and Roo brought out her project. The project smells terrible so I welcomed the reprieve that outside brought. She wants to turn an old Barbie into a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Apparently she got the idea from YouTube. So armed with a naked Barbie and silver nail polish she has been working diligently on the transformation. I have a feeling we will be making a run to the store for more silver nail polish though. It takes a lot. I probably could save us time, money, and make it more realistic by buying that spray paint that gives a stone looking finish but she wanted to work with the polish (and the fact that it is almost starting to look like the Silver Surfer was part of my reasoning), but I left her to her project.


On March 21st we are going to ComiCon. Tom brought Roo for the first time in July where she met and had her picture taken with Matt Smith aka The 11th Doctor. It was the highlight of her life. This time she gets to meet Karen Gillan aka Amy Pond from Doctor Who, who also happens to be her girl crush. She is stoked. We thought that this time we would make it a family thing because Merle was really upset that she missed it last time. She cried for hours after they left. It also gives her an excuse to dress up which is one of her most favourite things. She was a Weeping Angel for Halloween and I am going to recreate that costume for ComiCon. Here she is all set with her new hair spray colour and face paint that came in the mail yesterday.



This is her from this past Halloween. She was the cutest version of what is usually a terrifying Weeping Angel.




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