Five Flats for under $100


My shoe uniform in the warmer weather is usually ankle boots or sandals. I have wanted a pair of flats for a really long time but have never really found a pair that I love that are also in my price range. Since I have been broke ass so long I regret to say that I was unsuccessful in finding anything 😉 I generally like uniqueness, shoes with an unusual colour or unexpected accents. I have scoured the internet looking for the pair I want for a few months now. I would love to have the finances to buy more than on pair for the season but I probably won’t be able to, so the pair I buy are going to have to be “the ones”. This makes me exceptionally picky. I *think* the pair that I have decided to get are #1 San Juan D’Orsay Flats by Moorea Seal. They have them in 3 different colours and just unique enough to catch my interest. I keep going back to them on my search so I know that they would be well-loved. Plus 7% of all proceeds from their store benefit five non profit categories, which is an incentive all on its own.

5 Flats for Under $100


1. San Juan D’Orsay Flats • Moorea Seal • $82.50
2. Seychelles Women’s Plan Ahead Ballet Flat • Seychelles • $23.99–26.11
3. Melissa ‘Campana Papel VII’ Jelly Flat (Women) • Melissa • $89.95
4. Free People Rajah Flat • Free People • $68.00
5. Steve Madden Elusion d’Orsay Flats • Steve Madden • $79.00




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