14 Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

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As a kid it always seemed that the wait for holidays was torture, but as an adult it seems like they all run into one another without giving you a break mentally or financially. As soon as you dare to breathe a sigh of relief that it is over, it is time to reopen your wallet and start spending for the next holiday. It doesn’t help that they start advertising for the next holiday as soon as the current one is over. I have seen Easter presents advertised in stores since Valentine’s Day. It also doesn’t help that Easter seems to have become the next Christmas with each parent dropping wads of cash on the newest toys, games, and clothing before the boxes from Christmas have even been recycled. You also begin to notice a slew of people Facebooking all their fabulously creative Pinterest crafts that they are doing to bring a bit of Easter to each day. I don’t have the time or inclination to compete with this. Well, I do actually have the time but I really don’t have the mental energy to even try. Aside from that I suck at crafts and loathe sparkles everywhere.

I remember only getting chocolate and candies fro Easter when I was a kid. You walked around with your little plastic basket that had the fake coloured grass at the bottom and tried to beat your sibling to the treats you found. Then you spent the rest of the day with your family eating your found treats and watching whatever Easter holiday cartoon is on television. I don’t even really like Easter. I mean if you are religious then it obviously has a much different meaning to you, but being an atheist, as holidays go this one is pretty boring.

If our mall had one of those scary dressed up bunnies like they do Santa I might actually be tempted to bring Merle. I would like to see how she would react to him and hopefully get a funny “scared of bunny” picture. She would probably love it though, this kid has a weird toughness of things that normally scare kids (but has a fear of potato chips, no idea why). I’m pretty certain (although she hasn’t said anything) that Roo knows that there is no Easter bunny and she just goes along for the ride now. Since this condo is so tiny, it almost seems pointless to hide eggs because you can see everywhere from any point in the place. It may be the joy sucker-outer in me, but I am inclined to just buy a little basket and put some treats and maybe a toy/and or clothes in it and call it a day. I have scrounged about online for some good easter gift ideas and made a list of things that I know my kids would like. I would never, ever buy all on this list, just use it as an inspiration. Maybe just get one or two things and some chocolate/candy.

Do you like Easter or is it just me that is an Easter Scrooge? Drop me a comment below with your thoughts on the holiday.


14 Easter Gifts Ideas for Kids

1. Blue mug – Roo’s favourite colour with a cute animal face.

2. Snow globe – Merle has wanted a snow globe for a long while and this one is cute and colourful.

3. Set if 15 Roald Dahl Books – Every kids needs to read or be read the Roald Dahl collection. They are classics.

4. Kitty Duvet cover – They had other colours with different animals but Merle loves cats. Our condo doesn’t allow animals and she is desperate to have one. It kind of breaks my heart.

5. The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman – Every story he writes is pure magic. Roo is enjoying reading through his kids books.

6. My Little Pony Dress – Cute dress, good price for Merle who is going through a My Little Pony phase.

7. Tardis Duvet Cover – Who wouldn’t love a Tardis duvet?  For my Whovian.

8. My Little Pony Graphic Novel – Roo was walking around the bookstore reading this the other day. I told her I wasn’t going to buy it but put it in my mental easter list box.

9. Darth Vader Lego Clock – Cute and fun room accent.

10. Canvas Sandals – a nice casual looking sandal for Roo since hers don’t fit anymore. I apparently use holidays to buy them things I would normally have to buy them anyway. Sneaky.

11. Kitty Mug – Back to Merle’s infatuation of cats.

12. Pink Fringe Boot – Merle had these in brown two years ago and I was super sad when she grew out of them.

13. Large Rainbow Dash Plush – To fill the My Little Pony infatuation.

14. Red Lego storage brick. A cute way to keep their Lego stored and displayed.


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