What to bring on the plane – Kids

Whenever we go out with the kids for any extended period we always seem to bring a lot of stuff with us. A lot of unnecessary stuff for entertainment purposes. Since the kids are six years apart this means that they have very different interests and needs which equals a lot of crap. This is not so bad if we are in the car because we can just leave everything in there when we get out to go wherever we are going at that time. But in the case of air travel you have to be a little more picky and a lot more cut-throat with what you bring. No one wants to drag tons of bags with them. What is even more fun is trying to carry bags while making sure that you have collected everything that your child/children have brought with them and decided to take out and scatter everywhere. I love being that person that is holding up the line while trying to quickly grab everything that belongs to a wayward toddler/preschooler. All while trying to all keep the child from taking off on you. Please note the sarcasm there. So I have put some thought into what we would need to bring with us for each child on an extended trip. This kids travel list is for my older child and is similar to what a teen would want to bring with them but at an appropriate age level. I picked things based on my daughters taste and favourite colours. The travel blanket is more expensive than I would pay but it had the best picture for the collage that I could find. So please don’t think I would stuff a $300 blanket in her backpack 😉 In addition to this list I would add snacks, but some airlines do not allow you to bring snacks on board so always make sure to check with your airline carrier first. Links and prices are listed below.


What to pack for the Plane for a Kid

1. My Little Pony Big Girls’ Twilight Sparkle Hoodie • My Little Pony • $24.00
2. Clouds Small Cotton Backpack • Cath Kidston • £48.00
3. Red Hood The Fox • $38.00
4. Flight 001 Passport Cover • Flight 001 • $45.00
5. Sofia Cashmere Cashmere Cable-Knit Travel Set • Sofia Cashmere • $300.00
6. Owl Raccoon Color Pencils • $8.95
7. Kate Spade New York Spiral Notebook • Kate Spade • $14.00
8. HAPPY PLUGS Earbuds • $24.99
9. Nikon J1 Camera with 10-30mm VR Lens • White • Best Buy • $396.95
10. Apple® iPad Air 32GB • Silver/White • Apple • $579.00
11. Delsey Helium Colours – 4-Wheel Carry-On Trolley • Delsey • $84.99
12. The Graveyard Book • Neil Gaiman • Amazon • $8.99



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