Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Sometimes when a holiday like Valentine’s Day rolls around you want to get something a little more than a card or candy for your kids. I’m not the kind of person who makes a huge deal for every holiday and spoils my children with an abundance of holiday richness. I find that leads to trying to outdo yourself or others each year and you end up missing the point of the day entirely. But sometimes I like to acknowledge them by giving them a gift that they will really appreciate. I think I sometimes want to overcompensate for the many years that we struggled so bad financially and gifts usually consisted of a few dollars spent at the dollar store buying a small box of chocolates or a bag of conversation hearts. Sometimes the guilt eats at me even though I know it is dumb, and materialistic. I realize my children know I will love them regardless of what I buy them and I am proud that they never expect to receive gifts. But it’s nice to surprise them once and a while, so I made a list of a few things that I thought were fun, cool, pretty and unique ideas that I think that my kids would be happy to receive. I’m sure regardless of whatever I give them, we will still go to the Bulk Barn and fill up a bag full of Valentine’s candies anyway. Those little cinnamon hearts are addictive little candies, and we usually eat them until our tongues gets sore. Links of where to find the items are listed below.


Valentine's Gift List: Kids



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