The Search for the Perfect Summer Sandal Begins

I don’t have a lot of shoes because;

a) I don’t have a lot of room to store an abundance of shoes in this tiny condo and,
b) I don’t have the money to buy that many even if I wanted to.

This means that I have to buy shoes that I really, really love. Ones that will go with everything and will last me for longer than a season. Shoes that I can’t live without. My hunt for the perfect summer sandal started and finished almost within the same day. I saw a pair on Pinterest that caught my eye last night and when I went to the link I fell in love. They are from NastyGal, are booty style, and made of cognac coloured leather. I love them. I want them. I better start saving.

The Wanderlust Leather Sandal Bootie • by Nasty Gal • $100.00


Wanderlust Leather Sandal Bootie



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