Rich Girl Poor Girl Winter Wear

I haven’t bought a new winter coat in seven years. Seven. That means for the last six years I have been cold. Layers were my friends and my winter outerwear consisted of a sweater or two under a leather jacket. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to get a new coat but it always seemed that something else needed to be bought instead and another season would pass without me getting my jacket. Winter coats for the kids, Christmas presents, winter tires are all more important and they obviously got purchased first. This year though, this year Tom made me get a coat. I wanted something that covered my butt, had a hood, and was more of a parka style because I do a lot of walking. Without having access to a car throughout the week, all of our errands get ran on foot, so dressing for the inclement weather is important. I looked everywhere and eventually found something I liked in Winners. Unfortunately it wasn’t in my size so we had to do a tour of all of Toronto’s Winners locations looking for another one. We had success in the third one and I was pretty stoked to finally have a coat. Since I got a jacket I wasn’t pushing it in expecting to also get pair of winter boots, because the boots I wanted were Sorels and were out of my current price range. I decided that If I bought a pair of Hunter Boots Fleece Liners than I could get away without buying new boots this year. So that is what Tom bought me for this Christmas. I made a Rich Girl/Poor Girl list for fun. On the Poor Girl side is my winter uniform this year, everything I wear during this cold season. On the Rich Girl side what I would buy if I had unlimited disposable income. Links with prices and where to buy are below, along with similar pieces in varying price ranges.


Rich Girl/Poor Girl Outerwear Edition


Canada Goose Trillium Parka • Canada Goose • $695.00
Eugenia Kim Michelle Beret • Eugenia Kim • $190.00
SOREL Slimpack RidingTM • Sorel • $210.00
Paula Bianco Chunky Knit Wrap Scarf • Paula Bianco • $59.50–85.00
Burberry Cashmere-lined Leather Touch Screen Gloves • Burberry • $425.00
Balenciaga Classic City Bag, Black • Balenciaga • $1,835.00

Poor Girl

Khujo Brooke Parka • Zalando UK • £115.00* similar styles from Asos and Topshop
Hunter Original Tall Gloss Rain Boot • Hunter • $148.00 Similar styles here and here
Pointelle Knit Beret • Urban Outfitters • $19.99
H&M – Weekend Bag – Black – Ladies • H&M • $25.00
Topshop Ribbed Leather Gloves • Topshop • $40.00
H&M – Bouclé Scarf – Black – Ladies • H&M • $10.00
Hunter Boots Fleece Liner Socks • Hunter • $30

*I bought my Khujo jacket from Winners in Toronto for $160.00. Each Winners carries varying merchandise and they do not have an online shop so I can’t provide a link.


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