The Rainbow After the Migraine


A rare team work photo. 

Last Tuesday I woke up with the beginning of a headache. You know that slight pulsating pain that runs up from your neck and radiates behind your ear that can get bad really fast. I’m positive it is a tension headache and one of the causes is because I am a jaw clincher. My dentist gave me a mouth guard for sleeping during my late teens/early 20’s and it helped. Then I hit college where I spent an embarrassing amount of time partying and a mouth guard isn’t a priority as you are passing out so it became lost in the shuffle. It was expensive too, sorry mom and dad 🙁

Back to Tuesday though. It was an annoying pain but wasn’t terribly bad. I didn’t have any Tylenol or ibuprofen left so I just tried to up my water and drink caffeine since that sometimes helps me. By that evening I thought it was going away. Nope. Wednesday morning I got out of bed with a wave of nausea, and a full-blown migraine. I couldn’t even walked standing up straight. So I went into Roo’s room hunched over and told her I had a migraine, was going to throw up, then going back and lay down. She said “Don’t worry mom. Go back to bed”. So I threw up and went back to bed.*  The thing with my migraines is that they usually make me throw up for a minimum of half a day and this one was a doozy. Every 30 minutes for 12 hours straight which was tons of fun.

Roo was my champ that day and I am so thankful for her. She stepped up to the plate and took great care of Merle. She made them lunch and dinner, gave them snacks, dressed her, brushed her teeth, played with her, and got her ready for bed. They even did the dishes side by side. There were several questionable things that I noticed when I got up like a bunch of damp towels scattered about. Plastics bags hanging off all the door knobs, and then I later discovered that one of them ate half of my Valentine’s chocolate. The perpetrator is still pending.


*For what it’s worth, our condo is only about 700 sq ft. My bedroom opens right out to the living room and when I lay in bed I can see directly through the living room into the girls bedroom. So although I was in bed most of the day I was no more than a sideways glance away.


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