Curtain Options for Corner Windows

Corner window

This is the asshole window via horrible cellphone photo.

I have a vampire aversions to the sun when I am sleeping and need some help with a problem. I am having what most would consider no big deal but to me it is on the verge of crisis. Well, maybe not crisis, but I would like to find a solution to this ASAP. I need dark to sleep well. I need the sun to not be able to blind me and light up my room in the morning*. I used to be the person that literally pinned down the sides of my curtains so the sun couldn’t get through any crack. My room was as dark as a vault and that is what I like. I’m pretty sure my then boyfriend, now husband thought I was weird. But over the years he has adapted and prefers the darkness too. But I haven’t had it dark in here since we moved in here and it is slowly driving me bat shit.

Every other window in the house we were able to hang curtains no problems except my bedroom. My room has a corner window making it angular and I can’t figure out how to hang drapes. Thank god for the built-in blinds but they really only help battle morning sun and minimally at that since the sun rises on this side. I thought maybe we would hang the Ikea Dignitet wire hanging system with the corner support piece. We would have had  to attach the corner piece to the ceiling because of the way the blinds are. I was excited by this solution until I realized that the ceiling was cement and the corner guide couldn’t be attached. When we tried to drill into the ceiling we ended up with small chunks of plaster breaking off which is not good in a rental so we stopped. Does anyone have any kind of creative solutions? I am getting to the point where I want to just staple gun the curtains across the top of the blinds and call it a day. Which would be bad since we would damage the blinds and have to replace them when we moved.


*I can’t use a sleep mask because I find they make me breakout. Damn skin.


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