Redecorate Your Living Room for Under $1650 via Ikea

I am one of those people that pin a million pins on Pinterest for my “dream home“. These pins usually include a plethora of Scandinavian style minimalist homes that I can never seem to emulate even a fraction of. It is kind of hard to when you have a husband that is a slight hoarder and likes to stack things everywhere. A girl can  dream though can’t she?  If I could wave a magic wand across my home, it would immediately transform to white walls, wood floors, bright windows, and simple yet beautiful furniture. The closest I can get to this is when I walk through Ikea. So every time we go there I always try to buy at least something small. I figure that I might achieve might goal even if it has to be one thing at a time.

The main piece I want is the FRIHETEN Sofa. It is small enough to fit nicely in the condo’s tiny living space, with the lounge aspect that we want as well as transforms into a bed. This is extremely important to us to since wecurrently do not have a place for people to sleep when they spend the night. The top of the lounge sections lifts up to store blankets and pillows as well. Since storage is important in a small home both the side table and tv stand havebuilt in areas to hide things. I loveIkea because it allows you to afford tofurnish your home and stay well within budget. I was able to plan out our living room redecoration for under the price of what many people pay just for their couch.

Ikea Livingroom Redecoration


7. FRIHETEN Sofa • Ikea • $699 (various colours)
8. PS 2014 Side Table $69 (various colours)



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