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I think I first heard about Etsy around 4 years ago when a baby birth board acquaintance of mine announced she was crocheting baby hats/headbands and opening an online store. I quickly became obsessed with all the great things I could find and it has become a regular place to shop when I am looking for unique and special gifts. I was going to make a wish list and write about all the things I want from Etsy (which is endless) but decided that I would first talk about some of my favourite things that I have bought from there over the years. Most of my list is compiled of things that I have purchased for my kids except the map pillow and the Mr. Tea mug (my mug is pink). Those two were a treat for myself after pining for them for at least a year before I saved up and bought them. I love, love, love Etsy. I love how I love how I am able to find things that are so in tune to my kid’s personalities.  One kid loves Harry Potter and Doctor who, while the other loves yellow, dressing up as animals, and her nickname is squirrel. Every time I go on here I find more great things to add to my list.


Esty Faves 01:15


1. Mr Tea mug | by LennyMud
2. “Don’t Blink” Weeping Angel handmade card | by amysnotdeadyet
3. Handmade leather toddler shoes | by starryknightdesign
4. Squirrel Pillow | by mybeardedpigeon
5. Harry Potter charm bracelet | by MonsterBrand
6. Wicked Witch bookmark | by MyBookmark
7. Child Luxe Lion Coat | by littlegoodall
8. Map of Europe Pillow | by mybeardedpigeon
9. Personalized wire necklace | by CarissasSilverLining


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