The Year I Kept a Resolution

I know this is being written after New Years but I had thought I had posted this January 1st. Apparently I didn’t post and ended up deleting the entire thing instead. Whoops. I will blame that on imbibing too much New Years Eve. Hubby had to work so I was home with the kids solo. They drank water out of an empty wine bottle and I drank sparking wine, after fighting to get it open and spraying it up the wall and on the kids (who ended up smelling like little alcoholics.) It was fun though. We watched fireworks from our balcony, wore fancy hats and greeted the New Year as a family.

On New Years day I noticed the barrage of memes for New Years as I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed. Inspirational quotes, funnies, and the ones that mock (also funny). I saw this one the most though. I don’t know if it is actually a quote by Brad Paisley or if it is one of those “if it is said enough, people believe it” deals. I don’t really care because I actually had to Google “Brad Paisley” to ensure he was actually who I thought he was. I’m obviously not a country fan. I just kind of like though quote even if it has a little bit of cheese factor.


For the first time in my life I actually followed through with a resolution this year. I am trying to learn french and I promised myself that I would do some kind of French studying each day for the year. My minimum requirement was to complete a lesson or two in Duolingo each day and add things to it when I had time. As of January 1st I had fulfilled my year resolution! Check out the 365 say streak beside the little picture of the fire below.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.59.27 PMThe OCD in me won’t allow me to stop working on it each day until I complete the whole French tree. That is not a bad thing so maybe that will be my minor resolution this year.

My main resolution is to be able to do a yoga handstand without the support of a wall. We shall see if I am being over confident in my abilities. Overall fitness would be great but I figure if I work at this handstand I will have some semblance of fitness at the end since you need a strong core to lift yourself up. I do have a skinny fat problem and need to tone it up, so along with working on the handstand I will do both yoga and HIIT with ( each week. Fitness resolutions are so cliche but I am definitely not getting any younger, noticing some sag in not happy areas and would really like to improve the way I feel about myself.

Here’s hoping that I don’t waste any potential exercise time on binge watching Friends on Netflix.

Happy 2015 xo


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