Spring/Summer Wardrobe Wish List for Kids Part 1

It is about that time of the year when I go through the kids closets to purge them. I go through and check for anything that does not fit anymore, and any items that they may not wear much. After I go through them I check their condition, and anything that is in good shape I donate. I then make an inventory of what they have and what they may need for the new season so I know what we will be shopping for. I hate going in without a list because I end up buying a lot of clothes that don’t mix and match well narrowing down their wardrobe options. Last year the kids didn’t get many new things to update their wardrobe since finances were tight and what they had still fit and was in great condition. But this year it will be different since my 4 year old Merle has grown a lot over the past year and her things are starting to get small. I have a few pieces that are hand-me-downs from Roo but not many since she was really hard on her clothes, so I have gone through a billion websites trying to find things that fit well with her personality. She is my wild child, she is funny and loud, demanding but loveable, a tomboy in a dress, my cute badass with a sprinkle of devil on top. She likes yellow, red, kitties, and loves to wear hats. These are the pieces that I have compiled for our spring/summer clothing wish list for her that I think she would like. Stayed tuned for spring/summer wish list part 2 for my 10 year old.


Kids Spring/Summer Clothing Wishlist



Hunter ‘First Gloss’ Rain Boot • Hunter • $50.00
BLUEBERRY HILL The Blueberry Hill ‘Rusty Fox’ Knit Hat • Rusty • $28.00
Tucker + Tate ‘Fluffy Icon’ Sweater • Tucker • $40.00
Converse Chuck Taylor® High Top Sneaker • Converse • $31.95–49.95
Dr. Martens Boot (Baby, Walker, Toddler & Little Kid) • Dr. Martens
H&M – Ballet Flats – Powder pink – Kids • H&M • $12.95
H&M – Quilted Skirt – Black – Kids • H&M • $17.95
H&M – Biker Jacket – Black – Kids • H&M • $34.95
H&M – Lace Dress – Red – Kids • H&M • $14.95
H&M – Patterned Swimsuit – Light beige – Kids • H&M • $14.95
H&M – Hairband with Crown – Gold – Kids • H&M • $5.95
H&M – Patterned Jumpsuit – Beige – Kids • H&M • $12.95
H&M – Denim Shorts – Denim blue – Kids • H&M • $14.95
H&M – Sunglasses – Gold – Kids • H&M • $5.95
H&M – Top with Lace Yoke – Mint green – Kids • H&M • $9.95
Simple Cord Dress • Boden • $35.20
Fabric Necklace • Boden • $12.80
FOREVER 21 girls Who’s Laughing Meow Hoodie (Kids) • Forever 21 • $17.90
Rainbow Knitted Dress • Boden • $51.20
FOREVER 21 girls Penelope Pussycat Baseball Tee (Kids) • Forever 21 • $14.90
Stripe sweater jacket • Gap • $62.99
Twill bow headband • Gap • $12.95
Cat headband • Gap • $12.95
Panda photo-real sweatshirt • Gap • $13.99
Floral Flutter-Sleeve Tees for Baby • T&G • $14.94
Buffalo-Plaid Button-Front Shirts for Baby • Old Navy
Girl’s Terry Fleece Jumpsuit • $22.94 • Old Navy
Loop-Terry Dresses for Baby • T&G • $16.94

I hope I gave you some good ideas! xoxo


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