Barbados Vacation and Packing List

In January 2006 my husband, a then 2-year-old Roo, and myself went to Barbados. It was a first for me but Tom was familiar with the place because he had been several times before. His parents had vacationed there for twenty years so they had met people, connections developed and we were able to go for a relatively good price. We bought a new set of luggage for this trip because we didn’t own any. Vacation was a word we dreamed of not actually did. We got one of those three-piece cheap sets with one small, medium and large suitcase that all get zipped within one another for storage purposes. Not knowing about light packing and packing with a carry-on, of course I took the large suitcase. My sentiment was, “you can never bring too much” and boy was I wrong. I ended up with a massively stuffed suitcase with a mish-mash of items that looked as though I tossed everything without a thought. When I reflect back, I am disappointed at my then-self. So much wasted space and for no good reason. I think if I remember correctly I ended up packing 6 sundresses, 3 skirts, 4 pairs of shorts, 4 tops, 3 bathing suits, a bathing suit cover, one hat, three purses, and 4 pairs of shoes plus accessories, underwear and pyjamas. All of this for just 10 days. I only ended up wearing one dress, two skirts, two pairs of shorts, 3 tops, 2 swimsuits, and 2 pairs of shoes, and a coral necklace I bought there. That is it. That is all I really needed. So I mentally made a new list of items (pictured below post) that are realistically in my budget of what I would bring with me if I had a vacation do-over there. Not that we will, at least for a long while. There are  a lot more places that I would like to visit first before we go back. I did have a good time in Barbados but I learned a few things as well:

a) I am more of a tour the sites girl than a lay on the beach girl. The best day that I had there was when we took a taxi tour of the island. The taxi driver was a family friend so he drove us around all day for a good deal. One stop was an old church and we walked through the cemetery. It was beautiful and right up my alley.

b) That kids waterproof swim diapers actually liquefy shit. By the time you notice it is running down the legs of your child it is too late. You then have to carefully carry them back to your hotel without dripping anywhere so that you can hose them down in the shower.

There was one hilarious moment that still makes me laugh every time I share the story. The back story is that there was not a lot of things to watch on television at the hotel but we did get The Discovery Channel. It just so happened that it was Shark Week so we watched it as any masochist vacationing at a beach would 😉 Now the story:

Tom likes to snorkel so one day we walked down to the beach that was known to be one of the better places to snorkel in the area we stayed. Roo and I played in the sand while Tom swam around doing his thing. I happened to look up and see him get a look of terror on his face. He then acted like Jesus and walked on water (ran is more accurate though). When he got to the beach he dropped in the sand terrified and out of breath. There were two Barbadians laughing their asses off beside him because they knew he thought he saw a shark. What he thought was a shark fin ended up being a sea turtle flipped on its side with its flipper poking up out of the water. The Barbadians then responded, “That’s why it’s called Turtle Bay mon.”


Barbados Packing List for a Carry-On


DELSEY LUGGAGE INC. Helium Breeze 4.0 Trolley Tote • Delsey • $120.00
Cole Haan Women’s Rosalin Wedge Sandal • Cole Haan • $40.48–64.64
J Brand Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jean • J Brand • $134.99
H&M – Denim Shorts – Light denim blue – Ladies • H&M • $12.00
Red Wrap Dress • Lucky Brand • $54.99
Esme Embroidered Sundress • Boohoo • $10.00
Alice Racer Back Maxi Dress • Boohoo • $16.00
Grungy acid wash tank dress • Topshop • $30.00
Factory 3″ chino short • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
Topshop Textured Crepe V-Back Tank • Topshop • $50.00
H&M – Skirt with Pleats – Yellow – Ladies • H&M • $29.95
H&M – Pleated Skirt – Black/White striped – Ladies • H&M • $17.00
H&M – H&M+ V-neck T-shirt – Black – Ladies • H&M • $12.95
Drapey ribbed tank • J.Crew • $17.99 (various colours)
H&M – Draped Wrap-style Blouse – White – Ladies • H&M • $29.95
Prima jersey pocket tee • J.Crew • $39.50
Topshop Classic Fedora • Topshop (various colours)
Esther Williams Swimwear Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Black • Esther Williams • $89.99 (various colours)
Apple® iPad Air 2 128GB Wi-Fi – Silver • Apple • $699.00
Baggu ‘Standard Baggu’ Nylon Tote • Baggu • $9.00 (various colours)
Steve Madden ‘Worldly’ Colorblock Strappy Sandal • Steve Madden • $59.95
Converse Chuck Taylor® Low Sneaker (Women) • Converse • $44.95
H&M – Bandeau Bikini Top – Ladies • H&M • $17.95 (various colours)
H&M – Bikini Bottoms – Black – Ladies • H&M • $12.95 (various colours)
H&M – Sunglasses – Gold – Ladies • H&M • $5.00–7.95
Yosi Samra Foldable Ballet Flat • Yosi Samra • $65.95
Panacea Tapered Golden Stick Bib Necklace • $21.00
H&M – Fine-knit Cardigan – Black melange – Ladies • H&M • $12.00


Watch out for sea turtles! xoxo


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